June 3, 2010


So, it may not be brilliant of me to plug another website in my first official blog post. But I don't recall claiming to be brilliant, only real! So, my dear mama friend, have you yet stumbled upon www.shitmykidsruined.com? If you haven't, I highly suggest it! A mama friend brought it to my attention, but I must say in a disappointing manner- she was condemning it! She was questioning where the parents were of the kids who were ruining shit. She chided SMKR for featuring pictures of dangerous activities- children being covered in diaper rash cream, for one. Let me tell you, my kids being covered in diaper rash cream is a situation I would prefer to about 1,000 other ones I can think of. And what kids don't ruin shit on occasion? If your kids have never ruined any shit, I have some advice for you. 1. Take your children's pulse to make sure they are alive. 2. Confirm that you are not in an institution for the criminally insane and only imagining you have children. I mean, get real! It's in a child's nature to be inquisitive, explore, and learn. So spilling paint on the floor is just ruining shit to you- to your child it is a fun, fascinating sensory experience. All mamas must turn their backs for a moment- don't you shower? Check e-mail during daylight hours? Do you dare to avert your eyes from little Timmy for 5 minutes while you chop vegetables for dinner? Of course you must! You know Not Blessed Mama does. And that's why Not Blessed Mama's spawn have ruined plenty of shit, and why she thinks the site is ab-so-lutely freaking HILARIOUS And guess what else- Not Blessed Mama is not alone, because SMKR has 44,701 people liking their Facebook page as of this moment. The only thing I regret is that I never grab my camera when my Spawn ruin shit- I simply do my best not to strangle the Spawn, and clean up the shit. And just today I had the perfect opportunity for a SMKR picture. Spawn#2 runs in the house, yelling that Spawn#3 was pooping in the backyard. Not a huge surprise- he's 3. The surprise was the shit itself- so artfully decorated with rocks and sticks stuck into it, it looked like a nature craft project gone horribly wrong. If only..... you'll have to make do with a pretty mild SMKR pic of Spawn#1 and #2, only ruining their appearance and possibly the neighbors opinion of me (which let's face it, is most likely shit already)...


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