June 16, 2010

Days of the week....

Tonight I was perusing the internet to see if I could find some common ground, some blogs to enjoy- but I didn't. Why are Mamas' blogs almost always full of adorable pictures of the Spawn, professions of love to their Daddies, and beautifully arranged cooked from scratch meal pictures? Come on! No one ever writes what a Mama's day is really like. But one thing I did discover was day-of-the-week blog entries. Tasty Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday. Well, these are rather bland to N.B.M. and her sophisticated readers, I'm sure. So I now present you with ideas for my future daily blog themes:
Manic Monday- The day when Daddy goes back to work and the kids lose their mind after the stimulating weekend- and when Mama has to try and put the demolished house back together. Seriously, Dads, how can you multiply the mess by such a huge factor?
Tantrum Tuesday- The day when the kids are recovering from Manic Monday but still can't accept no as an answer. Daily life is starting to get back to normal even though tantrums are still increased by roughly 45%.
Whiny Wednesday- The day when your childless friend will call without fail, to complain about work and her busy week. She always manages to ignore the shrieks and explosions in the background, which should really be a signal to her that you are just the tiniest little ittle bit busy.
Thank God it's Thursday- Because tomorrow is Friday, and that means that Daddy will be home for the weekend to take care of the screaming banshees formerly known as your children, and he won't have the "tired from work" card available to play.
Feverish Fridays- The day that your child gets sick, either because you have a very busy weekend or a date night planned. Kids and their germs, ugh. So inconvenient!
Sassafrass Saturday- The day when the Spawn are getting too spoiled by Daddy and his constant "yeses" to go to McDonald's, the toy store, or anywhere else that money could be wasted and chores are out of sight.
Sluggish Sunday- The day when you are exhausted from the busy week and weekend and want to crawl into a hole and sleep for 10 years, so you don't have to look at those 9 loads of laundry that are begging to be processed.
And repeat.


  1. Hey, I am your friend with child that chooses to call you and ignore the shrieks - but I figure I would never get a chance to talk to :P Catching up on your black - very funny as usual particular love the earth environmental tips!

  2. Well of course moms are more impervious to screaming than childless folks... ;) thanks for reading!


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