June 1, 2010


Welcome, dear mama friend, to the Not Blessed Mama blog. You may be wondering about my unusual blog title. You may be assuming I am some crazy/delusional/ungrateful mother. You may be feeling sorry for my children. You may be wondering why you are still reading. Well, let me enlighten you. There are a million parenting blogs out there, many written by moms. Generally they gush about how great it is to be a parent. How perfect life is, even with its little trials and tribulations. I read boastful blogs about handmade matching pajamas for the kids and baking vegan banana walnut bread from scratch. Well, I have one question for those mamas: Where are your children??? Do I leave my children alone while I do things? Of course! But I wouldn't even have time to get my sewing machine out of the closet before the kids needed me for something. And cooking from scratch.... yeah, right. I'm happy when the kids are fed and it's something other than Doritos.
So Not Blessed Mama was born. It's a real blog, for a real mom, living a real life. Parenting is hard. Kids are challenging. Housework is never ending. Do I love and cherish my children? Hells Yes, Not Blessed Mama does. There is nothing in the world that comes before my children. That's why I'm writing about them, and us, and this crazy, wonderful, chaotic, insane, glorious, awful and amazing life we lead.
I have 3 beautiful/evil children/spawn. I am going to attempt to keep this blog anonymous, so they will not hate me when (if) they read it. Spawn#1 is my big boy, born in 2001 and growing like an incredibly sassy weed. Spawn#2 is the cute but uncontrollable princess, born in 2004. And Spawn#3 defies description, he is so utterly breath takingly adorable and terrible in the same instant, my baby boy born in 2007. As for me, I have always been a stay at home mom. I couldn't bear to trust anyone else with my precious spawn. We un-school and try to live a natural lifestyle, enjoying nature but McDonald's too.
And that is Not Blessed Mama (and spawn) in a nutshell. I hope that you are a kindred spirit and we can enjoy our miserable/awesome lives together.


  1. I found you! I love it! I wanted to be the first one to post a comment and "follow" your blog. --Kim C

  2. I just read your "About Me" page. The "Interests" section is hilarious! --Kim C

  3. Loving your blog - thanks for keeping it real!

    - LJ

  4. Oh man the more I read the more I think I am reading something written by some alter ego I never knew I had! Your intersts, music taste movies and books are like a mirror image of what I would write. Have you ever read the women of the underworld series? It's awesome! I love napolian Dynamite quotes all day long and just finished the nightmare before Xmas for the 2nd time today with my 4 year old Freedom. He won't watch Coraline or Corpse Bride with me though they scare him : ( so I watch them by myselI f! It's a lot quieter watching a good Burton after dark anyways. I am just so excited to be a new follower, you ahve inspired me to be a bit more blunt and funny and a bit less sugar coated when I am blogging. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You rock hard mama! keep it up!!



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