About N.B.M.

What's so special about you, Not Blessed Mama? You sound like a nutcase to me. Well, guess what- I'm not (that much of) a nutcase. I'm a hard working mom, just like a million others out there. But what makes me special is the fact that I'm going to keep it real with you, dear mama friend. N.B.M.'s not gonna force feed you another one of those "parenting is sunshine and roses" blogs. I'm tired of them, aren't you? Keep it real! Parenting is sunshine and roses, but what about all the pee, poop, barf, blood and tears? Who writes about that? You guessed it- Not Blessed Mama. 

I have 3 crazy Spawn and a Not Blessed Daddy rounding out my household, along with some cats, fish, and guinea pigs. I keep busy by tormenting my children every day, convincing them that they have the WORST mom who they HATE!  And love, of course. I try to live as much of a natural lifestyle as possible by co-sleeping, breastfeeding (the Spawn, not the creatures!), not vax-ing, attachment parenting and homeschooling. But my kids love McDonald's french fries and video games, so we're not total crazy hippies. 

I love my readers and I love to read their comments. So share the love and drop Not Blessed Mama a line. But no haterade allowed. See? I can talk like the cool kids. 

A baby dolphin. 'Cuz it's cute.
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