April 17, 2012

Clorox, Spiderman, and The Bathroom

Bathrooms are so important to mothers.

Are you laughing at me already? I'm serious! Think about all the time we spend in there- cleaning, potty training, pretending to poop so that we can have an excuse to lock the door for 5 minutes. It's such an important place, it deserves to be capitalized. The Bathroom. 

I could fill a novel with bathroom stories- easily. I think I posted once about how Spawn#3 tested the limits of my sanity by filling the toilet bowl with glitter, toys and the kitchen (bathroom?) sink. That was pretty horrendous. But one of the funniest things my rotten kid ever did in the bathroom had to do with Spiderman- and it was before I blogged, so I didn't take a picture (dang!). You'll have to make do with this artist's rendering- 

Yes, my adorable angelic child covered the whole, entire bathroom with a can of Spiderman "web". It was EVERYWHERE. It's too bad that our bathroom didn't have a blue theme, because the garlands hanging from the ceiling were really quite festive. The smell wanted to make you pass out, of course. But at least it didn't smell like pee in there. For once. 

I left up a little reminder of the silly string incident- right there up by the air vent. Because I haven't had 3 spare minutes in the past 2 years to drag a chair in there and get it off of the ceiling.

And while I could regale you with my bathroom stories for no reason, I actually have a point today (stop looking so surprised). The people over at Clorox, along with Sherri Shephard, have created The Clorox Lounge. It's a site designed to share a little humor about the bathroom and to give you a laugh. There's currently a Last Comic Sitting competition, where you can vote for which Mom and Dad comics tickle your funny bone.  If you're more of a Facebook person, check 'em out over there. 
*Guess what guys! Someone actually compensated me for writing something! Hilarious, huh? 
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April 2, 2012

Not Blessed Mama's Unwanted and Unsolicited Product Review: Zenni Optical

I've been wearing glasses since I was in the 7th grade. That's *cough* a long time.

And I've always, always gotten my glasses from an optometrist- or Wal-Mart, or Sears, or whatever. Until recently, when I saw someone I followed on Twitter (do you follow me on Twitter?) talking about Zenni Optical. They're an on-line prescription glasses retailer. I'd heard about such sites before, but I'd never had any experience with them (or even known anyone who did). After I checked out their site, I knew I wanted to order from them. Glasses starting at $6.95? Wow.

I went and got an eye exam, and the optometrist huffed and puffed a little when I asked for my pupillary distance- but I got it. Zenni was even having a buy 2, get 1 free sale- so I ordered 3 pairs of glasses. I figured that if I was disappointed, at least I was only out $30. And oh my, oh my, oh my. I am in love!

Do you see those glasses? Black and white frames, with a tiny silver skull and crossbones on each side. And they were ten bucks!! Never in my life have I been able to order a fun, funky, silly pair of glasses like this- because glasses are freaking expensive. Usually just one pair is close to a hundred bucks. If you're lucky, you can find a pair for $38-50, but the frames are never nice and it's a limited selection.

 Zenni Optical has revolutionized the way I buy eye glasses. That sounds dramatic, I know. But you have no idea how hard it was for me in the 90's, when everyone was wearing their cool sunglasses with the colored lenses. I was lucky if I even had a pair of prescription sunglasses, let alone one with sweet blue lenses. And now, because of Zenni optical, I can get any kind of glasses I want, for an amazing price- and colored or tinted lenses are only $5 more. I also got a pair of sunglasses I love- for $12!

This is the last pair I got- the picture's not the best. But it makes me laugh, because this is me getting drunk at my husband's company party and taking a picture of myself in the bathroom. Good times.

I couldn't be happier with my purchase from Zenni. I've been checking them out on Facebook and Twitter, and I'm not alone. I can tell they care about their customers and work to make people happy. I absolutely cannot wait to order my next pair of awesome glasses with Zenni. They've got a customer for life in me!

As always, I have not been paid to write this. Or even received any free shit. But jeeze, how could they not? Look at this glowing review I wrote for them, free of charge! I love you Zenni!

UPDATE: It's been a little over 2 months and I am still head over heels in love with my Zenni's. I wear them every day and they are holding up perfectly. I can't wait to order again!
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