April 12, 2013

I Commissioned A Painting Of My Guinea Pigs

I love that I can write that- it just feels representative of my life. I Commissioned A Painting Of My Guinea Pigs. I mean, why wouldn't I?

One day I was chatting with my pal It's A Dome Life (I'm sorry Lillian, I always name everyone their Twitter handles. It's a sickness.) and I rather jokingly mentioned that I wanted a painting of my guinea pigs with rainbows and unicorns. Lillian, not realizing what a bumbling fool I was (or maybe she did and considers it endearing), was all HECK YEAH! I decided to tone down my request a little, if we were doing this for reals- I said no unicorns. Which I kind of regret, because I think Lillian could have pulled it off. She's amazing!

After sending some pictures and patiently waiting, I got a big package in the mail. The kids ripped it open like the rabid wild animals they are. And lo and behold- my very first commissioned piece of art!

The kids and I are beyond thrilled with our painting. We have it up on the fireplace, right next to the guinea cage. I hadn't realized how much our baby Rainbow had grown- she's in the middle. She looks so different! Pretty soon she'll be a big fat guinea sausage like her older sisters. 

Lillian paints everything- houses, people, animals, flowers, mermaids! I highly recommend you go check out her website or her Twitter or her Facebook- not only because she's talented and creative, but because she is just a funny, charming, sweet and delightful person. 

This is totally not a sponsored post. Lillian just rocks. 

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