December 30, 2010

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Well, I'm actually not dead, so that may not be appropriate. Hello, my dear mama friends! I am sorry that I have gone MIA like that. Really, you deserved better. I hope you'll forgive me. The holidays sort of took over and it has been a while since I even opened my poor laptop. It's got abandonment issues now, and the other day I caught it trying to attack the iPhone. 
This week I had a really great idea. My parents got me some laminate flooring, and my Dad and I installed it. Because really, why wouldn't home improvement projects be a great idea right after Christmas? I am full of glorious ideas!
This was my house this week:
So hopefully you can forgive my absence. I appreciate your understanding. 

It's been tough lately, I tell ya. 
Just look what I found in the bathroom. 
 I'll be back in 2011, I promise, my dears. Not Blessed Mama has missed you. 
Happy New Years to you all. 

December 20, 2010

Blah Humbug!

So... Christmas, if you hadn't noticed, is in a few days. As was probably made obvious by the title of this post, I am having some difficulty getting into the spirit this year. Of course it's always fun with the kids- they are so excited, it's hard not to enjoy it. 

But I must say (and I hesitate to share this, but I think I'm not alone here) that financial problems are making this a tough year. Our story is like so many others- husband laid off, then got a crappy job with a big pay cut (and then another pay cut on top of that- yahoo). We'll be okay, though. Many others have it worse than me. We have a roof over our heads, food, electricity! So I shouldn't complain too much. 

BUT, if you know Not Blessed Mama, you know she loves complaining. Complaining makes the world go 'round! So for today's Christmas inspired post, I thought a "Blah Humbug" was in order. Instead of being festive and joyously celebrating the season like everyone else is, let's complain and be bitter and crabby. Just temporarily, and then we can be all jolly come Friday. For now though.....

-Toys 'R' Us sending me 3 e-mails a day makes me stabby. How many "best sales of the year" can they possibly have?
-Ok, this is hard to admit- but Salvation Army bell ringers make me stabby too. I don't have any money! And every where I turn someone else is asking me for it! Yes, I realize how horrid it sounds for me to say that people volunteering for charity are irritating. 
-Wrapping presents makes me REALLY stabby. I remember when I was younger I used to love wrapping presents for my grandmother. Wrapping presents for fun? What a stupid kid I was!
-Kay Jewelry commercials make me so stabby I scratched the television with a knife before I got ahold of myself. Not every thoughtful present has to be a diamond- and not every kiss begins with Kay! Screw you Kay!!!

So, I'm really hoping some of my readers will chime into Blah Humbug so I don't have to be a crabby, whiny Scrooge on my own here. What's making you stabby this holiday season?

December 17, 2010


I'm sure my lovely loyal readers will recall my commitment to review my favorite purchases from an environmentally friendly, family-run small business- Hip Mountain Mama. Well here is November's December's installment!
There are always a ton of new things added to this awesome site, and great sales too. There are many things I'd love to order, but as soon as I caught sight of the Mukluks I knew I had to get them. Spawn#2 had these slipper-moccasin-sock-hybrids when she was a wee lass and they were awesome. These Mukluks (I am not the only one who didn't know what Mukluks were, right???) from HMM only come in adult sizes, which was perfect for Spawn#1- did I tell you he's a giant? He's a giant. 
So anyway, they arrived and they are perfect! There are some really cute colors but also neutral ones that are great for boys. 

They're warm, thick and toasty and they stay on very well. Since they're 100% wool they are a little scratchy, so you will need to wear socks with them. I may actually just tack a sock inside of them so they are easy for Spawn#1 to wear. 

And remember (as always), when you purchase from Hip Mountain Mama you are supporting hand-made and fair trade practices. It's not often that you get to feel good about purchasing something these days, and I am always happy that the quality items I order from HMM are contributing to the lives of others. 

And pssst! Check out HMM on Facebook, they are always having sales and specials for fans. They ship daily, so hurry, you still have time before Christmas!

December 13, 2010

Lost In Translation- Christmas Edition

Remember the other day when I said everything was going to be Christmas themed? I wasn't kidding!
Yesterday Spawn#3 and I were out in the front yard. I was on the lawn, he was walking on the sidewalk. When I went to check on him, he told me that a neighbor 2 houses down had just said "a-s-s". And yes, he spelled it. Getting alarmed, I looked down the street- I wondered if the neighbor finally realized how much I detest him for constantly letting his dog roam without a leash. I asked Spawn#3 again what happened- "He said a-s-s, like Kick Ass". (That stupid movie that enthralled everyone in this family with it's catchy title.) "He said a-s-s to you or to someone else?" "No, mom, that letters over there says a-s-s and I know that 'cause I'm a small boy", he said, pointing-
He' such an advanced reader. 

December 12, 2010

December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday... And A Few Words

Christmas Edition! It is December, so that means that everything must be Christmas related. Everything. Are you a communist or something? Get on board!

This is a glimpse of my Dad's house. Crazy, huh?

This is a super cute tiny little Nativity Scene I got at the
thrift store because it was so stinking cute.

Another tiny, ridiculously cute Nativity Scene. 
I have a lot of Nativity Scenes for an atheist.

Our first gingerbread house.
Hansel is missing already. 
Guess the witch ate him.
Or it was the Spawn picking at it. 

And last but certainly not least, the Walmart Victorian
Christmas Village. Notice the amazing detailing on this
piece. It's high quality and sought by collectors. 

December 6, 2010

Not Blessed Mama's Christmas List

It appears that the Christmas rush is officially upon us. Less than 3 weeks to go! Somehow time has passed me by again. While I'm distracted with my Christmas shopping, I thought someone might be able to pass my list on to Santa. I have been a (reasonably) good Mama this year, and I think they're very reasonable requests.

Dear Santa, I've been nice! Can I have:
1. A manicure. Santa, have you seen my hands? They look like I dig trenches instead of raise children. 
2. 18 hours of straight sleep. For some reason I am convinced that all life's problems would be solved if I just got to sleep for a day. Or two.
3. Meal delivery service. Do you have any idea how many more things I could get done in a day if I wasn't spending half of it in the kitchen?
4. A bathroom that doesn't smell like pee. Yes, I can have that now, but I'd like it without having to scrub the toilet. And the floor. And everything else. 
5. Clothes with no stains on them. It's bad enough that the Spawn must go around town in clothes covered in dirt, paint and whatever else they get on themselves. Must Mama look like a bum too? That stupid homemade slime. Knew it was a bad idea.   
 6A Roomba. What? Those things are cool!
7.  A big ol' tricked out mini-van. Ok, I know this one is asking for a bit much... but Santa, I have been soooo good and I want a mini-van sooo bad! I have 3 kids! And you know how much crap they have- you've given them half of it, so I feel you are a little bit responsible here. I want one with a cooler in the floor for drinks and removable seats and DVD players and and and.... all that good stuff. Any color is fine. 
I anxiously await your decision, and thank you for your consideration.
Love, Not Blessed Mama

December 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday... And A Few Words

Yes, yes, I know- I'm a little bit late. But it's still Wednesday on the west coast!
If you are a loyal Not Blessed Mama reader (I love you, loyal readers), you may have seen last Wednesday's photo where I had to go all crazy kung-fu style on the garage door. Sigh. BUT, I am happy to report that thanks to a generous and resourceful father and a handy-dandy husband, I can present to you.....
Our brand new (to us) non-broken in half garage door. Yeay!

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