December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday... And A Few Words

Christmas Edition! It is December, so that means that everything must be Christmas related. Everything. Are you a communist or something? Get on board!

This is a glimpse of my Dad's house. Crazy, huh?

This is a super cute tiny little Nativity Scene I got at the
thrift store because it was so stinking cute.

Another tiny, ridiculously cute Nativity Scene. 
I have a lot of Nativity Scenes for an atheist.

Our first gingerbread house.
Hansel is missing already. 
Guess the witch ate him.
Or it was the Spawn picking at it. 

And last but certainly not least, the Walmart Victorian
Christmas Village. Notice the amazing detailing on this
piece. It's high quality and sought by collectors. 


  1. wow great decorations! happy ww xmas edition

  2. haha, I love the walmart village piece, but I've never seen a walmart look so charming!

  3. I love those nativity sets you got!

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  4. Ha! You crack me up. What really gets me is that I can't find our nativity scene, and I'm a Christian! You have multiple sets, and I've got jack. Too funny.
    The Walmart victorian scene is hilarious to me for some reason - the fact that one even exists puts a smile on my face.
    Your dad puts on an awesome light display - let him know he can come and decorate our house anytime!

  5. I didn't know you are an athiest.

    Did you actually make that gingerbread house? its adorable!!

  6. Thanks for your comments.
    Secrets out, I'm an atheist that loves christmas. ;)
    The gingerbread house is a super adorable kit from trader joe's.
    The Wal-Mart christmas village is def the highlight of the season!

  7. I Love the Christmas theme you have! Most of my posts lately area either snow related or santas.

    Very cool Christmas village!

  8. 1) Just to be a pain in the ass, Christmas is actually a pagan holiday.

    2) I'm with Losing Browinies -- I've never seen Walmart looking that charming. It's like what they tried and failed to do with Tom Delay on Dancing with the Stars.

    3) Great to meet a tell-it-like-it-is person.

  9. Thank you for your comments!
    I must admit, I am quite proud of Christmas Wal-Mart.


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