December 20, 2010

Blah Humbug!

So... Christmas, if you hadn't noticed, is in a few days. As was probably made obvious by the title of this post, I am having some difficulty getting into the spirit this year. Of course it's always fun with the kids- they are so excited, it's hard not to enjoy it. 

But I must say (and I hesitate to share this, but I think I'm not alone here) that financial problems are making this a tough year. Our story is like so many others- husband laid off, then got a crappy job with a big pay cut (and then another pay cut on top of that- yahoo). We'll be okay, though. Many others have it worse than me. We have a roof over our heads, food, electricity! So I shouldn't complain too much. 

BUT, if you know Not Blessed Mama, you know she loves complaining. Complaining makes the world go 'round! So for today's Christmas inspired post, I thought a "Blah Humbug" was in order. Instead of being festive and joyously celebrating the season like everyone else is, let's complain and be bitter and crabby. Just temporarily, and then we can be all jolly come Friday. For now though.....

-Toys 'R' Us sending me 3 e-mails a day makes me stabby. How many "best sales of the year" can they possibly have?
-Ok, this is hard to admit- but Salvation Army bell ringers make me stabby too. I don't have any money! And every where I turn someone else is asking me for it! Yes, I realize how horrid it sounds for me to say that people volunteering for charity are irritating. 
-Wrapping presents makes me REALLY stabby. I remember when I was younger I used to love wrapping presents for my grandmother. Wrapping presents for fun? What a stupid kid I was!
-Kay Jewelry commercials make me so stabby I scratched the television with a knife before I got ahold of myself. Not every thoughtful present has to be a diamond- and not every kiss begins with Kay! Screw you Kay!!!

So, I'm really hoping some of my readers will chime into Blah Humbug so I don't have to be a crabby, whiny Scrooge on my own here. What's making you stabby this holiday season?


  1. Having to buy EVERY STICKING PRESENT except my own. Its like the Big Tuna doesn't drive by a million shops every day. You would think he could at least get one for his mommy.

  2. Oh, and sometimes I even have to buy my own.

  3. Aww thanks, Mrs Tuna! That's the non-spirit!
    And yes, I am buying every single gift as well. Good times.

  4. I'm joining the two of you in buying EVERY gift this year. With coupons, at thrift stores, and even the obligatory homemade ones from the kids. Yes, finances are definitely tight this year - but I'm also grateful to have something to give.
    Christmas Eve is at my house, and frankly, the thought of having a spic and span clean home makes me stabby. Hey, we're family... does it really matter if there's fossilized mac n' cheese in the corner of the kitchen?

  5. Hi, NMB. I thought your post was perfect for the pre-holiday season. Thanks for keeping it real with your notorious humorous touch. For me, it's traveling and family. That sounds awful! I wish we could stay home sometimes for the holidays, but our family is far, far away. At least we don't have to fly anywhere! I love my family, and even my inlaws (most of them), but I have to admit, I don't do well being with them for more than a few hours, and Christmas means we will be together for days, not hours. Help me! (Pray for me? Ha ha!)

  6. I meant so sign my previous comment as myself . . . Kim C.

  7. How dare you steal my blog! I mean litterally. Word. For. Word. Never mind that I haven't posted it yet. Never mind that it hasn't even been written. And how in the HELL did you do that?!? Are you a mind reader? A thoughts... stealer? OH! Wait. That's right. You're just my kindered crabby stabby spirit. Makes perfect sense now. *throws hands up in the air* Well, I guess I can cross that post off my "to-do list". Guess I should be thanking you. Now, can you use your kindered mind tricks to help finish my knitting? I am soooo over that too. Who ever said Making Gifts was the cheap way out, didn't knit everyone something. And if they did, they sure as heck liked it a whole lot more than I do. Cheers to the fantastic... telepathic... post. Bah. Hum. Bug. <3

  8. And for those not sure about that last post... I loved her post. I'm friend, not foe. All is good. Sorry if I cramped your brain. I do that when I'M stabby. LOL

  9. :o(

    Being on a buget of any kind sucks around the holidays. We had to stick to a strick one this year and I used a lot of coupons/made things.

    The thing I hate is that we are expect to be so many places that my MIL is the only one who is going to come over. You'd think with a 7 month old they would all just come here... but the plus side is that I don't have to cook.

  10. I REALLY dislike getting those requests for donations in the mail - the ones that are sent with a bunch of personalized return labels with your name and address. First, I can't donate to everyone and second, if I don't donate, I won't use the labels and I toss them. What a waste.

  11. We have generally been in the Xmas spirit this year but today as I have a million things to do for the holiday my dd decided her asthma would kick in, keep her up all night and send us to urgent care in the morning so I am feeling quite stabby myself now :(
    Merry Xmas Blessed Mama!!

    - LBJ

  12. LMAO......."Screw You Kay"!!!!

    Love it!
    Merry Christmas sweetheart! HA!

  13. Not celebrating the holiday and still getting guilted into celebrating it by default... THAT AINT RIGHT!!

  14. salvation army bells make me soo so stabby. its so annoying! makes my ears bleed. makes me want to make the bell ringer bleed. ugh!


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