December 6, 2010

Not Blessed Mama's Christmas List

It appears that the Christmas rush is officially upon us. Less than 3 weeks to go! Somehow time has passed me by again. While I'm distracted with my Christmas shopping, I thought someone might be able to pass my list on to Santa. I have been a (reasonably) good Mama this year, and I think they're very reasonable requests.

Dear Santa, I've been nice! Can I have:
1. A manicure. Santa, have you seen my hands? They look like I dig trenches instead of raise children. 
2. 18 hours of straight sleep. For some reason I am convinced that all life's problems would be solved if I just got to sleep for a day. Or two.
3. Meal delivery service. Do you have any idea how many more things I could get done in a day if I wasn't spending half of it in the kitchen?
4. A bathroom that doesn't smell like pee. Yes, I can have that now, but I'd like it without having to scrub the toilet. And the floor. And everything else. 
5. Clothes with no stains on them. It's bad enough that the Spawn must go around town in clothes covered in dirt, paint and whatever else they get on themselves. Must Mama look like a bum too? That stupid homemade slime. Knew it was a bad idea.   
 6A Roomba. What? Those things are cool!
7.  A big ol' tricked out mini-van. Ok, I know this one is asking for a bit much... but Santa, I have been soooo good and I want a mini-van sooo bad! I have 3 kids! And you know how much crap they have- you've given them half of it, so I feel you are a little bit responsible here. I want one with a cooler in the floor for drinks and removable seats and DVD players and and and.... all that good stuff. Any color is fine. 
I anxiously await your decision, and thank you for your consideration.
Love, Not Blessed Mama


  1. You know what I want for Xmas, my own wife. Someone else to pick up underwear off the floor, the dogs for their shot, my truck that hasn't been through the was in 3 months and dry cleaning from the place that has bankers hours.

  2. Hi! I'm a new visitor and follower and saw your link on Random Ro's page! Can you believe X-Mas is just 3 weeks away?! Yeeks! I'm super behind on Christmas shopping, but this year I'm not going all out, just going to focus on getting a few items I know my daughter will like.
    I love your Santa list, I was thinking of writing one for my blog too :) And I totally love the meal delivery one! If only!! There are some days when I dont even want to step foot in the kitchen, ugh lol. It would be so awesome to have fresh yummy warm food delivered!

  3. Ahaha- when you said roomba I rememeber the christmas my best friend was obsessed with them..she has a cat and wanted to come home to cathair free floors.. so she was dropping hints ALL SEASON- like "O so we are going to the mall today *coughsroomba** and get all the things we need"

    Thanks for the memory... and roombas are the bomb- she got one and has been happy ever since!

    ps- sending everyone your way today via

    Thanks again for following and the support!


  4. This is awesome! Love it! If I were Santa I'd give you every thing on the list!

    <3 Donna

  5. A manicure and a roomba are totally do able... does your hubby read the blog? Maybe he needs a hint!

  6. Ugh, I feel your pain, I really do. I need 2 hours of extra time this week... I have had a pedi gift card in my purse for a month now, but no time to use it. :( I hope you get at least one of those wonderful things on your list, if not more!

  7. Aww thank you ladies! Sadly, Not Blessed Daddy and I are not exchanging gifts this year due to financial constraints (suck). But your well wishes make up for it. :) I have the best readers ever!

  8. I think #2 on the list would make everything better!

  9. Love the tricked out mini van request that would be awesome! I would also love clothes without stains on them!!


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