December 17, 2010


I'm sure my lovely loyal readers will recall my commitment to review my favorite purchases from an environmentally friendly, family-run small business- Hip Mountain Mama. Well here is November's December's installment!
There are always a ton of new things added to this awesome site, and great sales too. There are many things I'd love to order, but as soon as I caught sight of the Mukluks I knew I had to get them. Spawn#2 had these slipper-moccasin-sock-hybrids when she was a wee lass and they were awesome. These Mukluks (I am not the only one who didn't know what Mukluks were, right???) from HMM only come in adult sizes, which was perfect for Spawn#1- did I tell you he's a giant? He's a giant. 
So anyway, they arrived and they are perfect! There are some really cute colors but also neutral ones that are great for boys. 

They're warm, thick and toasty and they stay on very well. Since they're 100% wool they are a little scratchy, so you will need to wear socks with them. I may actually just tack a sock inside of them so they are easy for Spawn#1 to wear. 

And remember (as always), when you purchase from Hip Mountain Mama you are supporting hand-made and fair trade practices. It's not often that you get to feel good about purchasing something these days, and I am always happy that the quality items I order from HMM are contributing to the lives of others. 

And pssst! Check out HMM on Facebook, they are always having sales and specials for fans. They ship daily, so hurry, you still have time before Christmas!


  1. I hate wool, but still those look super comfortable!

  2. Sheldon wore size 11 shoes when she was twelve, like giant flippers.

  3. My family always called Mukluks the rubbery shoes you'd wear in muddy conditions.

    I guess we've been wrong all these years!

  4. Mukluks rock! I don't... personally wear them, but my MOM swore by them for the longest. I even bought her a mukluk like stocking. ;0)


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