December 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday... And A Few Words

Yes, yes, I know- I'm a little bit late. But it's still Wednesday on the west coast!
If you are a loyal Not Blessed Mama reader (I love you, loyal readers), you may have seen last Wednesday's photo where I had to go all crazy kung-fu style on the garage door. Sigh. BUT, I am happy to report that thanks to a generous and resourceful father and a handy-dandy husband, I can present to you.....
Our brand new (to us) non-broken in half garage door. Yeay!


  1. Oops. Missed wordless Wednesday. Unless....

  2. I am still impressed that you were able to kick it in in the first place! Still, it looks nice now! LOL

  3. NICE new door!
    LOL......I had to go back and see your broken kicked in door. You do what you gotta do! HA!

  4. Thank goodness!! We wouldn't want lions, tigers and bears, oh my, to eat you.

  5. nope totally missed it. oh well. door looks good. go hubby!

  6. Just a comment on your comment on my blog. Reading it reminded me of something I was going to do. When I worked in retail, we had a copier and sometimes people would forget to take their original. They were pretty damn funny. I was thinking that every year I would take and make copies of these news letters and send them in MY Christmas cards. How cool would that be?

  7. Brand new doors are quite worth celebrating. Yay!


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