June 13, 2010

Money money money.........

Today, my dear mama friend, I would like to call your attention to something. Take a look around Not Blessed Mama's blog. What do you see? Flowers, nature, pictures of rotten children? Is it aesthetically pleasing to you? Well, I sure hope so, because guess what. Not Blessed Mama has decided to forgo the (approximately) 1/100 of a cent she would make from you clicking on optional advertisements on this blog. That's right, N.B.M. cares more about you having a pleasurable blog viewing experience than receiving a check for $2.37 from Google. No need to thank me! That's just the kind of mama friend I am. I am willing to go the distance for my readers. All two of you!
Oh, and next time you're on another blog, take a look around. If there are more advertisements than blog posts, you know what's up. I'm just sayin'.....


  1. I think you may actually have only one reader. LOL! I check my Blogger Dashboard every couple days, so expect me to be a regular.

    You're right about the ads. I find it very "ironical" when I see a blog post about something and then the ad next to it is for something completely opposed to the post. For example, next to your "don't take showers" post, there would be an ad for some toxic shower product. You're right; the ads are not intellectually or asthetically appealing. (But I'll still be here and not too offended if you decide to add the ads.)

  2. I guess I could spell "aesthetically" correctly. Sorry about that!

  3. Maybe when I'm getting a thousand hits a day I'll add the ads, and get that ten dollars. Haha!


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