June 9, 2010

Going Green

It's all the rage these days. And let me tell you, Not Blessed Mama does love the Earth. But I've been going green for years- it all started with the birth of my adorable Spawn #1. Look at my metal water bottles- they're all dented and scratched. Look at my re-usable shopping bags- the logos have worn off and they're getting holey. We are leaving this beautiful planet to our children(spawn), how can we not do our best to keep it clean and amazing? So in honor of this gorgeous planet, N.B.M. has a special treat for you today. I am going to share some of my wonderful, earth saving tips- all of which are designed by and for the busy mama! Enjoy!
1. Quit bathing. Ok, ok, settle down. If you can't bear the thought of not bathing, which generally isn't accepted in polite society, simply cut down on bathing. How about a shower every other day? Or, as Not Blessed Mama does, a weekly shower? Think about the gallons and gallons of water you will be saving! Plus the energy from heating that water, and washing those towels. Think about the products you won't be using (shampoo, soap). And last, but definitely not least, think about the massive amount of time you will be saving YOURSELF! You could write a novel with all that time that you would have been shaving your legs. Oh, and you might as well quit bathing your children too- they don't even get BO anyway, so who cares.
2. Quit changing your clothes. Now this one is a good one- one of N.B.M.'s favorite things to do is wear the same clothes, day and night, until the stench becomes unbearable. Well, my partner would call it stench- I call it "Summer Fun Smell". Again, we're saving water and energy here, and time. Folding clothes sucks! How many hours does the average homemaker spend folding laundry in her lifetime? This isn't a scientific guess, but I'm going to have to say about 1,000,000. Screw folding laundry- sleep in your clothes! (This one is also exceptionally well suited for the mama of a newborn, who is utterly exhausted day and night- and also more socially accepted for her.)
3. Don't leave your house. Carbon footprint, emissions, greenhouse gases- we hear how awful these are for our planet all the time. Cars are nasty, stinky, awful (wonderful) things. Instead of schlepping your tired mama ass all over town, why not stay home? If you combine tips 1, 2 and 3, you will have a really excellent day. Make sure to waste a lot of time on the internet and let your kids watch a lot of cartoons so no one goes stir crazy. And don't worry about using that small amount of energy- your carbon footprint is shrinking as we speak from that shower you're not taking!
4. Go hide in a closet. Are you having a bad day, my mama friend? Getting depressed that you can't take a shower, go to Target, cook in a non-stick skillet or let your adorable Spawn play with their Thomas Trains without destroying the planet and ingesting toxic chemicals? Because let's face it, it's true- you can't take a breath these days without destroying something (either the planet, yourself or afore mentioned Spawn). So, the only remedy I see here is to go sit in a closet. Make sure the lights are off. Make sure you haven't cleaned the carpet with toxic chemicals. Make sure there is no non-organic cotton clothing in there. And just sit. Oh yeah, and put the chain on the door first- the Spawn running out in the street isn't going to help anyone.

And there you have it, my dear mama friend! Not Blessed Mama has you on your way to saving the planet, one easy step at a time. You're welcome!


  1. LOL! Since we couldn't chat on Facebook, I thought I'd stalk you on your blog. It's wonderful and funny as usual. I hope to be following tip #1 soon, with my no-poo strategy, and you know I'm already on board with 2 and 3. Unfortunately, our closets are too full to hide in, but I enjoy hiding in the bathroom just as much. --Kim C

  2. Not normally a blog person but you got me laughing out loud!!! I'm officially hooked. :)

  3. Thank you so much, my dear readers! To all 2 of you!

  4. Make that 3!

  5. Haha, thanks! To all 3 you, I adore you all!

  6. I LOVED this post!!! Thanks for entering our anniversary contest...remember voting starts in july 15, so check back then and tell all your friends to vote for ya!!
    p.s. Since i started hanging my laundry to dry in april, I adopted the habit of wearing the same clothes at least 2 days in a row...I love it!!

  7. Thanks HMM! I love your blog and am so pleased to be participating in the contest. :)

  8. Hey Mama!
    The voting has begun for Hip Mountain Mama's Anniversary Contest. Be sure to tell you family and friends to stop by and vote! Voting ends a midnight on July 31 and the winners will be announced on August 1st. The person with the most votes will win $200.00 at Hip Mountain Mama and the person with the second most votes will win $50.00 at Hip Mountain Mama.

    Thanks for your participation...it was great to read about what you are doing to live a greener lifestyle this summer!

    Good luck!

  9. Oh my I LOVE this post!! It's so funny, yet, I do these things too! I only shower twice a week, wear the same clothes over and over...you kow it's like a uniform (I went to Catholic school so I got used to that ;)), and I rarely leave my house. You are so right, I find if I want to leave home, it's rarely a good enough reaosn to do so, so I stay put!


  10. I LOVE YOU!! :0D Eh, you already knew that I'm sure. Girl, you are awesome. LOVE the blog. Keep up the good work and good luck on the contest! ;0) <3 <3

  11. Great post. I shower every other day. I also use the same towel all week. I mean the only thing I'm doing with it is drying my clean body. I wear my jeans at least two days in a row. But usually put on a clean blouse every day. And I go way to much. Being homeschoolers, we are constantly on the go.

  12. Thank you for the kind words mamas!

  13. Oh my I have see you around the blog community and so glad I decided to finally come check you out. I love the blogs I follow but yours is so raw and honest and funny I Im excited to follow along! and I will be voting for you over at hip mountain mama.

    Ps I haven't showered in about 5 days and I don't wear the same clothes in a row but I rarely wash them so same affect but without alerting the other mama's to my inherant lazyness in washing and folding. I wash the kids clolthes regularly. With two boys they get filthy in the course of a day so it must be done. If it didn't hugging the little guys would be like the equivalent of stepping in the remnants of a food fight and we all know the feeling of squishing mashed potatoes between your bare toes SUCKS!


  14. Thank you Kat and Val- I truly appreciate you reading and your kind words!
    Kat, last week I'm sure I went 5days without bathing- I kept trying to convince myself I was pulling it off because I swam so much, but I don't think anyone was fooled. ;)

  15. Hey Mama...email me suzy@hipmountainmama.com


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