October 4, 2010

September, I Hardly Knew Ye

Does anyone know what happened to September? The other day, I was planning Halloween costumes ridiculously early. Now it is October (4th!) and I'm sure I'll be scrambling to finish sewing at the last minute (as always). Here's a glimpse into our September. 

Almost no fall foliage for us yet, but we have some lovely
morning glories and zinnias. 

Oh why did I let him get that haircut! I could have squeezed out 
another 6 months of babyness from him. 

Spawn#2 modeled a dress she made and Spawn #3 gave a talk
about a custom Bionicle he created.

Spiderman, a Princess and a Zombie.
The annual Homeschooling picnic has something for everyone.


  1. I have no idea what happened to september. It barely existed, it seemed. I cannot believe we are in october ALREADY. what the heck!!!

  2. WHAT?!? It's October? When did that happen?
    Yes, I'm right there with you... time is just flying. I have NO idea what the kids are going to be for Halloween - I'm liking the princess face painting though!

  3. The haircut is so cute, but you're right, he does look so much older! And much more boyish. Ha ha!

    --Kim C.

  4. September did go by pretty fast. The days need to slow down though because I am not ready for Christmas yet.

  5. I love it. And yes, September went by fast, but I feel like that's been the theme of 2010 in general! We just got Halloween costumes a few weeks ago and they were being worn [out] every single day, so we packed them away.

  6. F.Jedi, I had to put Spiderman away as well. Damn $20 costume is falling apart!
    Stefani, I know. I don't want to blink or it will be christmas eve.
    Thanks for your comments ladies!

  7. I love it. You're all "for moms who like to keep it real," and then you're all, "I sew our Halloween costumes." I keep it real by BUYING my daughter's first Halloween costume ON SALE because it's the only damn thing that'll FIT at 5 months!

    We're in OINK together! Woo hoo!

  8. Really! What the heck happened happened to this year?

    Those pictures are adorable. I especially love the facepainting. Too cute!

  9. I am not even close to being ready for Halloween!! Thankfully we have a hand-me-down costume for the little guy, but I'm still lost on what to do for my older one.

    Found you through the SITS girls! Love the blog :)


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