October 29, 2010

Halloween Is Almost Here?................. (dammit)

Oh, my dear Mama friends, I just do not know what happened. Time just keeps passing me by. A few days ago I was telling Spawn#2 that we couldn't start her Halloween costume because it was too early. I had a whole October/Halloween curriculum packet- not opened until yesterday. And we finally carved our pumpkins today, 3 days before Halloween. Ok, to be fair, you can't carve them early here in Sunny California.... last year they were filled with mold in 3 days, and super squishy and really disgusting.  
I broke down and bought another of those rip-off pumpkin carving kits today for 5 bucks, so the Spawn could (in theory) carve at the same time. It took a good 30 minutes to get all those pumpkin guts out- the kids hate doing it, so of course Mama has to. We started carving, and all 3 of my little pumpkin carvers broke! I almost stomped back into the drug store with my twisted scraps of metal to demand a refund, but I was covered with pumpkin entrails. So that meant that, you guessed it, Not Blessed Mama had to do all the carving with a damn steak knife. We wound up with some pretty sad Jack 'o Lanterns, but they are DONE! And the kids love them, so I guess all's well that ends well. Or whatever that saying is.

Spawn#3 wanted something super scary. 

Of course, so did Spawn#1. Boys.

And Spawn#2 wanted eye lashes, but messed up and
had to cut these big ol' eyes out. 



  1. Love them! :0) Pumpkin carving. crap. Ya, gotta do that. Or maybe magic marker and stickers? Rain. Crap. Never mind. But I can happily say the costumes are done. :0)

  2. They look good!! I can't carve well either. My brother does some amazing stuff with a knife though!

  3. I thought they looked pretty good! No pumpkins for us this year, my Spawn doesn't know about them yet. But next year... I'd better get my gut removing skills sharpened...

  4. Hahaha, thanks mamas. You are too kind. I think it's hilarious they all only have faces composed of straight lines, but IT IS WHAT IT IS. And it's done!


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