October 18, 2010

Autumn- Or, GermyTime

Who doesn't love Fall? The trees turn gorgeous shades of red, orange and yellow. It's sweater time- a welcome break from the sweltering summer heat.
And, my kids are sick. Without fail.
Growing up, I was a sickly child. I didn't have anything specifically wrong with me- I just caught everything, and I was always sick. Back before medical records were computerized, the Doctor would heft in my chart and drop it on the desk with a big thump. I remember my mother asking why I got sick so much- and there was no answer. Immunity wise, I just suck.
So I suppose it is fitting that I have the snottiest, sniffliest little kids around (sniffliest- did you like that word?). If someone sneezes in France, my kids get sick. Poor Spawn#1 gets it the worst, then it trickles down in a lovely domino effect. Kids all get wiped out- bam, bam, bam. I lug out the towels, the vomit bowls and the wash cloths for wiping noses. I'm a pro at dealing with puke- shouldn't I be getting some kind of medal for that? Why don't the real skills in life get honored- like the ability to catch a 2 year old's vomit in a bowl, without spilling a drop on the bed, while you vomit in a plastic bag yourself? Yes, that seriously happened. It was probably one of the worst moments of my life. I just don't understand why I'm not getting some national recognition. How about November 3rd can be Moms Are Awesome for Cleaning Puke  Day? And you send your mom a bouquet of rags and Lysol? Just a thought.
And hey, if your kids aren't puking and you have a moment- go check out the blog post I wrote for Laugh Until you Cry- I promise, it's not about vomit.


  1. We've been lucky so far and no one had gotten sick yet. It's still like summer here though so that tune may be changing here soon!

  2. You are totally the Queen of Vomit! Now THAT'S what i call multi-tasking.

  3. There should be an award! Sorry your kids are such sickies :(

    - LBJ

  4. Brownie, the weather JUST started changing. It was enough!
    Middle, THANK YOU! I don't think I've ever been called anything as wonderful as the queen of vomit. Awesome. :)
    LBJ- funny, you had to deal with me being a sick-o growing up, and now you have to deal with my kids doing the same!

  5. Oh My Gosh. Um... you don't want to hear this, but I've only thrown up three times in my entire life. And I'm now thirty-five. I wouldn't know what to do if this happened in my household! If my kids get the flu, I'm coming to you for vomit lessons! :)

  6. Oh we just finished a few months of constant sickness circulating through the house so I know how you feel. I hope everyone is feeling better in your little corner of the world..very sooN!

  7. I absolutely hate fall!...and Winter! Yes, Fall is beautiful...but after that, everything is just cold...and dead. My kids are just like yours except one will get better before the other one gets sick! So, I literally put up with a stupid cold or virus or some other sickness all winter long! It sucks!

  8. I am the one who is likely to get sick in our house. Oh the kids will get a cold every now and then, but the down for days misery illnesses are all mine. Sadly. Except on the random occasions when they get them at the exact same time as me.

  9. Sunshine, if I am the queen of vomit, the only logical next step is to give lessons!
    Kimberly, you just made Winter's new tagline. Winter- everything is just cold and dead. I feel your pain!
    ComfyMom, I usually catch a lot of it too- and there's nothing worse than being sick and having sick kids!
    Thank you for your comments ladies. :)

  10. You got that right, its totally that time of year. I am bracing myself for when it hits us.

  11. Wow! Your following has exploded! And apparently, so has the vomit. :0X Sorry to hear that. Same here. C missed L's head by meer inches in a projectile just days ago. Now, THAT'S gross! No catching for me. I was laid up too. Nasty nasty is going around. Double :0X Oh... read your host blog on the other site. NICE!!! A+++++ (ok, that felt like an eBay comment.)


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