October 22, 2010

Where Do You Belong?

I gotta tell you about something that's been bothering me, my dear mama friends. At home I am the classic mama martyr- doing everything for everyone else, tirelessly, ignoring or postponing my own needs. You know the drill. The thing that bugs me is that I don't have any place of my own in our house. I don't have it decorated how I would like- I'd have to say our style is Ikea-HandMeDown-Cheap. We don't own the house either so we can't do too much to it, although I have painted a little. Since we co-sleep and I'm constantly nursing a babe at night, I bed hop to which ever room happens to need me (with a nursling in tow). So the master bedroom isn't really mine- we have no office to make a computer corner- the living room has Taco Bell lights in it. My stamp just isn't anywhere. Well, my friends might argue that the kitchen is mine- it's decorated in Hello Kitty stuff. But I didn't buy any of that stuff (even though I do love it)- and let's face it, the kitchen is a torture chamber of endless chores not somewhere you can relax and enjoy yourself. 
But upon reflection, there is one place I really love. And here it is. 

It's my hammock. A good friend gave it to me when she was leaving town a few years ago, and she has no idea how much joy this simple thing has given me. I nurse my little guy in it. I read in it. I snuggle my big kids in it, and tell them that I will squash them if they dump us out. I watch the kids screaming "LOOK AT ME MOM!" on the trampoline in it. I chat with friends, play with my iPhone, and listen to the breeze in it. It's big, orange, and comfy. And this is the view:

And finally, the people in the hammock:

So, where do you belong?

I took these pictures with the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone, which has to be one of the coolest apps ever. It isn't free, but it's awesome.  


  1. That hammock looks amazing! I guess I dont really have a spot either... maybe on my duff in front of the computer? Hmmm.. thats not very relaxing.

  2. Ha! My laptop is on a tv tray next to the couch, so i don't really consider that my space either. It's terrible- we are the heart of the house and we have no where!

  3. Love the Hammock! We don't own our home either, so all our rooms are pretty basic & plain. And we don't have extra money to spare to decorate a room to my liking and with my tastes. SOMEDAY Though!!! When we have our next home (in a couple years) that we own, I will claim a room right away to decorate and make my own!
    Like your Blog........I'll be back!

  4. I was going to argue the kitchen, but you are right. Not really relaxing, unless it's already clean. I soooo agree with the hammock. Don't think you've seen my rickety free standing one, but at one time, it too had a great veiw. Might have to plant those sunflowers again. Lots of bees, but they made for a really relaxing oasis. I'd have to say my space is (unfortunately) my room, but my escape would be my hammock as well. ;0)

  5. I would love to have a hammock! It looks so relaxing.

  6. Okay, totally off subject, but you look a bit like Jodi Foster in that last pic.

    Alright, back on topic. I have... the car. It's mine. I loved it the moment we saw it on the lot five years ago, and I still do.

    It has two car seats in the back, but occasionally I get to leave the house with just me in it, and I usually drive around or park it somewhere and read, eat, play games or get on the internet with my iPod, or whatever. But alone - no phones, chores, or short people allowed.

    I suppose that means I really don't have a spot at home either, but thanks for making me find a place that can be just MINE. I like it there.

  7. ya i have been noticing that too, don't really have a place to myself. the closest spot would be the bedroom, but since it is also laundry staging ground, backup tv for whoever doesn't want what's on the other tv, and the place i shove crap i don't want to deal with at the moment, its more like an over sized closet. i think moving repeatedly, to various rentals has squashed my desire to try to make yet another place feel like home. have always wanted a hammock. someday i will have one. the view from yours looks nice :)

  8. Sun, your car is a great place to be yours! I have a big ol' clunker that is DEFINITELY not "mine" in anyway. So good for you! And Jodie Foster, funny!
    MonkeyMama, you and I need to move in together and have a while house that is ours!!!

  9. That is so funny that we have so much in common! But I am jealous because you actually have to hammock and I just dream of having one some day! :)


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