October 15, 2010

My First Guest Post- Oink!

Gather round, my dear mama friends. I told you exciting things were afoot! I am so excited today to be hosting my very first ever guest blogger! I feel so worldy, and fancy. She's a fellow mama humor blogger from a group of awesome moms on SITS, called the Oink tribe. Don't laugh- I'm trying not to take offense to the name. Without further ado.....
Hey There! I’m Losing Brownies, and I’m so excited to be guest posting today for my Oink Tribe SITStah, Not Blessed Mama!
Over at Losing the baby weight…one brownie at a time I often write about my life as a SAHM to The Boy and usually I include my husband, Gadget Guy, in these adventures, mishaps, and antics. I write about a variety of things, but you really don’t know what you’ll get on any given day.
The Boy turned 5 months old this month. Since The Boy is my current employer and I came into this job knowing not so much, I’m going to write about 5 things I’ve learned in this new job.
1.      Never leave the house without a change of clothes… for yourself. No matter how well you plan you will be spit up on, pooped on, peed on, or vomited on. Having a back up is worth it, especially if you are having family photos done! Believe me, this happened to me both times we attempted to have pictures taken!
2.      When making plans always allow yourself a two hour buffer. So if want to meet up for lunch at noon, then make yourself think you are meeting at ten, because between getting the diaper bag packed, feeding your child, a diaper change, an outfit change and stopping for gas or some other forgotten errand, you’ll eventually get to your destination two hours later. My non baby friends always expect me to be late, running behind, or feeling a bit crazed when I finally show up.
3.      Your child will make a liar out of you. If you ever mutter the phrase “My child never…” or “My child does/doesn’t...” they will automatically do the opposite. Take for example my Grand Dad. He came down for a visit and for the last 5 months I’ve been telling him how wonderful The Boy is with new people and how easily he adapts to them. Well the first time my Grand Dad tries to pick him up The Boy starts wailing and screaming. We tried this the entire weekend. It wasn’t until the very last day that he finally warmed up to him, and then Grand Dad had to leave.
4.      The laundry will never be done, the house will never be spotless, and the dishes will always need to be washed. You could spend all day getting it done, but the next day there will be more of it. Don’t sweat it if it takes a while to get to it. And don’t forget to ask for help! If someone doesn’t want to help clean, you know there is someone who at least wants to cuddle and squish your baby.
5.      No matter how bad the day goes, seeing your child smile and coo at you will always make you feel better, even if it’s just a tiny bit.


  1. that laundry just keeps getting worse as they get bigger too

  2. i've actually gotten rid of our mattresses, and just put the piles of clothes on the bed frames and cover them with a sheet. voila- kill 2 birds with one stone!

  3. Great thoughts, especially on #5!

  4. This is all SO true!

    I once said that Natalie eats all her veggies for dinner. But when my Mom came to visit, she frowned at her corn and was all, "This is gross."

  5. #1 took me 3 kids to finally figure out.
    #2 I doubt I will ever figure out (but its ok, my all my friends have kids and are just as late if not later)
    #3 also applies to asking your children to perform on command: "Johnny can play Ava Marie with his arm pits! Show them John-John." *insert the sound of crickets*
    #4 While I feel accomplised when I hear washing sounds of the appliances (sad, but true), baby squarshes reign supreme!
    #5 is so true. That's why the first couple of months are sooooo hard. No smile, no coo, no laugh... no love felt. That's why the firsts are soooo precious. :0)

    Great Guest Post!!


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