October 8, 2010


Today, my dear mama friends, I am going to write a blog post you may laugh at. Let me be a little more specific- today I expect that you may laugh at me, instead of with me. And I am still going to write it. Because that's the kind of cool mama friend I am. You know you love to have that one friend who always makes you feel better. 
"I thought my house was a disaster, but damn, have you seen Not Blessed Mama's house?"
"My kids are so bad lately. But we just went to the park and N.B.M.'s kids were there, and let me tell you..."
"I am such a mess today! But at least my clothes don't have bleach spots and holes like Not Blessed Mama.... that poor woman."
So I have to tell you, I have a new favorite song. I started hearing it on the radio, and it just kept getting stuck in my head- you know how that is. I started listening to it on Grooveshark (a hackin' awesome site), and I even BOUGHT this song on iTunes- my first purchase! 
Now is the time that you start laughing. 
The song is Dynamite by Taio Cruz.
Laugh. Go ahead.
Not only does this song have a catchy beat that makes me wanna shake what my momma gave me, it's the lyrics that caught me. 

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes
Sayin' ayo, gotta let go
I wanna celebrate and live my life
Sayin' ayo, baby let’s go

(Disclaimer before I proceed: the lyrics following the ones above do not pertain to me as much. I am not gon' rock this club- I am not gon' go all night. I am most certainly not gon' lights it up like it's dynamite. But it is very catchy, so listen anyway.)

Who knew you'd find such an appropriate quote for motherhood in a hip hop song? I feel like this could be the motto for my life- someone needlepoint this onto a pillow for me, will ya? 
I hate having unnecessary stress and drama in my life. Kids a filthy mess? Let it go. House a disaster? Let it go. In-laws criticizing your parenting choices? Let it go.  Husband complaining about having mac n cheese for dinner again? Kick him. Then let it go.  Pick your battles- if it's important, fight for it. If not- yup, you guessed it- let it go. Life really is too short and amazing to be stressed, exhausted and miserable every day. I do want to celebrate and live my life every day. I want to enjoy my kids, have fun with them, and savor them growing up. Because while Spawn#1 is only a whopping nine years old, those nine years have flashed right before my eyes. Only recently he was a wild little child playing with Thomas trains, and now that damn kid is almost as tall as I am- and smart as a whip. He doesn't miss anything. I just don't know how it happened. Well, I guess I do. Time. It's what happens to you when you get old.
So that's why today, my dear mama friends, I am inviting you to blast this addicting song the next time you need a little pick me up. But do yourself a favor, turn your monitor off while you listen (unless you like watching boobalicious women working on cars, which seems to be a popular music video theme- so maybe people do like it). 


  1. That was a great booty shaking song!

    - LBJ

  2. Ha! I must confess, I didn't listen to the song because it's hip-hop, but I LOVE the lyrics you posted. :) If I knew how to needlepoint, I'd send you a pillow.
    Rock on NBM!

  3. Great song!

    stopping by from the SITS tribe!

  4. Okay, I went back and gave the song a try. This was the result: Momma started dancing with baby Mark on her hip. The bouncing motion caused Mark to spit up the peaches and oatmeal he had for breakfast. Gracie started doing the jig, shaking her little behind. When the song ended, Grace ran up the the computer (thanks for the heads up about closing the video window!) and wanted to hear it again!

    So we did. Twice. :)

    I guess I thought of hip-hop as gansta rap with potty mouth lyrics. I was wrong, and now you are to blame for getting this song stuck in my head. :)

  5. Hahaha! I'm glad I could bring a little booty shakin' joy to your house today, Sunshine! :) Sorry about the spit up though.
    Thanks for your comments ladies!

  6. I like! And now, just maybe, I'll have something other than "Baby Monkey" playing in a continuous loop in my head. ;0)


  7. oh my son is huge on this song. we listen to the local pop radio station, it's in heavy rotation right now. Let me just tell you, as a girl who's never been into pop music much the two day trip to mytrle beach has been a tiny slice of hell musically. I'm pretty sure if I listen to imma be by the black eyed peas again my ears will fall off. I am forsaking myself for encouraging my son to be soo particular with his music choices, and again for drinking one too many in celebration of our arrival.... so hope thisrant didn't cary on too long and has minimal typos. I honestly thought this was going to bbe a napolean dynamite related post thanks to the boom box and title...better luck next time. have a good night, i'm off to attempt a little post of my own.


  8. I like that song as well, and was conflicted over the hip hop top 40-ness, lol, but nevertheless, I like the way I feel when i listen to it, and that's what matters :)

  9. Awesome! LOL.
    Thanks so much for linking up :)

  10. Great post - I have a similar philosophy. Life's too short, so it's best to pick your battles.
    I'm sure your kids appreciate having a hip hopping mama. Visiting from Lady Estrogen's linky :)


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