October 25, 2010

What Does your Clothing Say About You?

Normally, my clothing says, "I was made in Vietnam by a man who doesn't earn enough money to feed his family". Really rather depressing, isn't it? I have been making a big effort to buy as much of our clothing used as possible. It's quite easy for the kids. But I am a plus-sized mama- and since I don't wear muumuus, options at the thrift store for me can be limited. Recently I told you about my new endeavor with Hip Mountain Mama- she was looking for mamas with a commitment to the Earth who were interested in sharing their experiences with her products. I recently ordered the 4 Tiered Lace Skirt and I LOVE it. I am definitely a skirt and dress girl- they're easy, comfortable and cute. Plus, if you get them long, people don't stare at your natural (not shaven) legs!

The skirt is lovely- well made, gorgeous, with a nice cut and feel. It's made by Gypsy Rose, and reading the tag warms your heart- "This garment was hand crafted in the peaceful mountain Kingdom of Nepal, where the mountains are high and the air is pure." Gypsy Rose's goal is to ensure that the environment is not harmed and they pay their workers fair wages (no child labor!) and provide clean , safe working conditions. Now, if you had just gone to Wal-Mart and bought a $5 shirt, an angel would be crying. Well, probably. 

Gorgeous, hand made clothing made by a company with morals- sold by a family owned business committed to the environment? Win, win! Please check out Hip Mountain Mama for amazing green products for your entire family. 

I was not paid to do this review- all views are my own and are completely true!


  1. Very pretty. :0) Not a skirt/dress person myself. Although I might be if they also made fair wage, green, relatively inexpensive spanx to go with them. ;0)

    Reminds me to get off my duff and right the review I have been meaning to blog about.

  2. How Great, I like it win win! As Leslie stated......Very Pretty!

  3. ooh! I wish I could pull off a skirt like that! They tend to make me look short and dumpy... but I'm short and roundish.

  4. Thanks ladies! I was definitely loving swooshing around in this skirt today.
    KidLit, I will ask HMM about that. ;)

  5. I love your bohemian style... it's timeless, feminine, comfy, and hip!

  6. beautiful! Wish i could wear more skirts!!! I will check it out!


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