November 1, 2010

The Two Most Important Things I Have Learned In My Life

Not Blessed Mama has been around the block a few times. She's learned a few things. She's seen things.......
Ok, not really. But I do have two wonderfully awesome tips from my dear friends that I feel the need to pass on to you. They are beautiful in their simplicity. Without further ado...

Do you ever hang wet laundry or towels (or bathing suits or bath mats or jackets or hand-washed halloween costumes) from your shower curtain rod? I always used to- until one day at a friend's house, and I saw the inside of her shower. My life was forever changed. 
Do you know what you are looking at? Has the Earth moved beneath your feet? That's right- it's my bathtub, with two curtain rods. Yes, I know- how brilliant is this? Not only do I now have plenty of room for hanging items to dry, I can simply pull the outer curtain closed and all items are easily hidden when company comes. Wow. It's utter genius. 

You may know that Not Blessed Mama loves wearing skirts and dresses. Sometimes when you are wearing a skirt or dress, your thighs can get sweaty and sticky. It's ok, we can talk about it- we're all friends here. This tip actually comes from a friend's sister, but it has changed my life in such an amazing way that I must tell you that.....
Deodorant applied to the insides of the thighs will keep you feeling smooth and soft, even in the stickiest (hehe) of situations. And if you're thighs don't ever touch, we probably shouldn't be friends. Just kidding. Not. Yes I am. 

Well my dear Mama friends, I hope you have enjoyed these lovely tips. I know they have probably brightened your whole day- or maybe even life. You're welcome!


  1. HOLY COW. Those are amazing tips!!!

    Want to hear my amazing tip??? Ok, get this - you can spritz most outfits with a water spritzer to dewrinkle them. Forget buying dewrinkle spray - water works just fine!! Next time instead of ironing, when you pull a wrinkled dress or skirt out of the dryer, just spritz it and hang dry, in your awesome double shower curtain contraption!

    Next time you want to wear it, voila! You would be soooo surprised how much this cuts down on ironing!!! Sure, there are some things you cannot avoid ironing, but I am going to say you can get away with spritzing about 85% of your wrinkled clothes this way. After they air dry they even still retain their softness from the dryer!

  2. Thanks Andrea, that's awesome! I refuse to iron, so that is something I will be sure to do. :)

  3. I did not know that about deoderant. I always buy the anti chaffe cream. that stuff is expenisve though!

  4. i am the spritz queen! I DO NOT IRON! In a hurry? spray, toss in dryer and dress!
    I already learned (from you) and use, the deodorant trick, and my thighs will ensure friendship security for years to come, lol.
    I love the double rod idea! I actually have 1 or 2 extra in the garage, yay! Love this, for your reasons, plus , before didn't you hate all the dripping on to floor since only about half the water drips into the bath!

  5. Yes, Monkey Mama, I totally forgot about the puddle on the floor- that ALWAYS happens.
    Thanks for reading ladies!

  6. Oh My Gosh. Yes, yes, yes! I really needed the two shower curtain rods TODAY! If only I had read this at 2am and headed straight away to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night...

    Oh well. Maybe next time. Thanks for sharing (really - I loved it!)

  7. Awesome tips! Ya, just toss small amount of water into my poorly neglected wad of wrinkled clothes when I find them cold in the dryer and start that puppy back up. Works every time. ;0)

    I've tried the deo trick. My thighs don't like it. Probably because it takes two sticks to cover the entire chaffing area. Oh wait. Was that TMI? :0o

  8. Great tips! I always love hearing new things to try!

  9. I feel so good knowing I have touched the lives of so many..... :) That was my good deed of the year!

  10. We can still be friends. I just pulled down my pants and checked my thighs, they touch!

  11. Lizzie- I like you! That's a good friend, one who will pull down their pants for you. LOL.


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