November 15, 2010

Things I Love.... And Don't

Things I Love...
1. A quiet rainy afternoon, curled up in a comfy chair with a good book and the window open to listen to the soft droplets fall.
2. Cooking and enjoying a delicious, relaxing dinner at home with my family.
3. Having a date night with my husband and going to the drive-in to watch movies- childless!
4. Cuddling up with my little ones at bedtime to tell stories, snuggle and laugh. 
5. The warmth of a purring kitten curled up between my feet.
6. The laughter of a good friend during a long phone conversation.
7. The excitement and promise of the holiday season, and the joy of sharing it with my loved ones.
8. Kind neighbors who are thoughtful enough to call when my car light gets left on.
9. A big, cozy, comfy, warm sweater.
10. My beautiful, healthy family. 

Things I Don't Love
1. The Spawn getting muddy and wet within 2 seconds of walking out of the door on a rainy day.
2. Burning dinner and having my husband ask me why I burned the dinner. 
3. Wasting $14 to watch 2 lousy movies at the drive-in while I freeze my arse off.
4. Being forced to threaten the Spawn with bodily injury if sleeping does not immediately commence. 
5. The psychotic cat biting, attacking and licking my feet while I try to sleep. 
6. My friends being too busy with their hectic lives to listen to me complain about my hectic life. 
7. Stores forcing me to start my Christmas shopping the day after Halloween. 
8. Neighbors who give me the evil eye because my kid spilled nail polish in their driveway- once!
9. My new big, comfy, cozy sweater stained with a batch of homemade goo.
10. My crabby, sniffley family. 

What are you loving and hating lately?


  1. Oh I soooooooooooo AGREE! Love your loves and laughed joyfully about your don't loves.
    I'm starting to think again that I want a cat. I'm going nuts not having a pet.......its been almost 2 years without one.
    Thanks for all the comments you make on my blog.....I love them!

  2. Hey I posted on here.......must be because you have to approve it first before it posts! I hope!

  3. Sometimes my phone is naughty about publishing comments. I try and get to them as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

  4. This is such great post. I think I may steal it. I've been in a bit of a funk lately and this sounds awesome and simple, but interesting.

    I can't stand it when my cats try to play with me while I sleep!

  5. I spilled nail polish remover on the coffee table once like 15 years ago and my dad still gives me the evil eye.


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