November 26, 2010

Black Friday, You Were Fun

But I cannot say I will miss you. One day a year of crazy, insane, psychotic shopping is enough for me. I saw on the news that our local Toys 'R' Us was expecting 2,000-3,000 people. CRAZY! And hello, on-line shopping.
I did venture out though for a little bit, and got to chat with an old friend while waiting in the whoreanus lines. So I had fun. But, now I am exhausted and have a Black Friday hangover and am very grateful to be guest posting over at Things I Can't Say's Blog Friend Feature- Black Friday Edition, of course! So go check out my words of wisdom over there, 'cause I'm about to take a nap.


  1. So bummed. Wanted to get out to TRU at least. Nope. Damn. Read the BFF blog entry. Nice! ;0)

  2. What did ya get???

    I just don't do it, although with my parents spending the holiday here, this is the first time that I actually could have done it... as in there was someone else in the house to stay with the kids, but I'm already not in the habit, and since they'll spend Christmas with their dad this year, I didn't really NEED to!

  3. KidLit, I HIGHLY recommend shopping TRU online!
    Southern Mom, what didn't I get? ;) i was happy to get the nerf gun spawn#1 wanted, an mp3 player for spawn#3 and a Barbie set for spawn#2- all half off. And a boatload of other crap, I am happy/embarassed to report!

  4. I saw a Toys R Us on our local news that had a line wrapped around the building. They were letting 50 people in at a time. What the heck were they giving away in there???

  5. You're a brave soul hitting the stores on Friday. We drove 580 miles instead. That ruined my attitude for any retail therapy, but I couldn't have mentally handled the peeps regardless.

  6. Thanks for stopping by to say hello! I absolutely adore your background and thanks to you I finally found a twitter button that works! The blogger one has been broken for days! Will def stick around, and props for going out Friday. That's one of my "never in a million years" vows.


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