November 8, 2010

Not Blessed Mama Cooks... Sometimes

So, what's for dinner tonight, my dear Mama friends? In our house it's.....

frickin' nothin'.
Not Blessed Daddy has been working out of town during the week for a while now. And while he is a lazy ass bump on a log doesn't always help out at home, at least there is another adult in the house. Another adult to distract the screaming, crazy, relentless, lovely Spawn. Single Mamas, I salute you. It sucks major ass to be the only adult around. It's hard. Lately I have been so tired- the house is suffering, the cooking is suffering. The Spawn don't seem to be suffering, but I did find a pig's head on a stick in the backyard. Oh wait, that was in a book.
About the cooking.... I thought I'd share another of my super simple recipes that the Spawn are just loving lately. 

Not Blessed Mama's Famous Pasta
1. Boil spaghetti.
2. Put in a bowl with parmesan cheese.
3. Eat!

This dish will be a favorite in your house, I promise! It doesn't seem to go over so well at potlucks and on the holidays, but we love it anyway. 
Do you have any simple, easy, quick recipes you'd like to share? Because you KNOW I need them!


  1. I have an addition to your awesome pasta dish. I like to heat v-8 juice with butter to pour on top. Seriously! One of my favorites. I also had to comment on the common use of the word frickin'. My mom's maiden name was Frick. My husband and I decided her two brother's should open a chicken place named Frickin' Chicken. I know, right? But then again, When my daughter named her son Cain I couldn't convince her to name her second son Able. Then came the daughter and I was trying to convince her to name the girl Mabel.

  2. When my husband is out of town, I'm horrible at cooking.

    Grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, mac and cheese, breakfast for dinner is a big one for us- waffles or omlettes. Mmmm.

  3. Here's one of my favorite winter recipes for soup -- a few more ingredients than your recipe, but well worth the time & effort ;)

    Corn Chowder
    From Paula Deen's Celebrations!

    2 Tbs. Butter
    1 cup chopped Yellow Onion
    1/2 cup chopped Celery
    2 baking Potatoes, peeled & diced
    4 cups Chicken Broth
    4 ears Corn (I use one bag frozen corn)
    1/2 cup Half and Half
    1/2 tsp. Salt
    1/4 tsp. Pepper
    10.75 oz. can Condensed cream of Celery soup
    1/4 cup chopped red Bell Pepper (for topping)

    In a big stockpot melt butter over medium heat. Add the onion, celery and potatoes and saute for about 2 minutes. Add the broth and boil the vegetables over medium-high heat for about 15 minutes, until the potatoes are very soft.
    Meanwhile, cut the corn from the cobs with a sharp knife; place each corncob in the middle of a large bowl to catch the kernals and juice.
    Add the corn to the soup and cook for 5 minutes more. Add the half-and-half, salt, pepper, and the cream of celery soup. Stir well to combine. Simmer until hot. Serve immediately. Garnish with the bell pepper.

  4. Middle- I LOVE frickin' chicken- that would have been awesome.
    Shell, waffles! MMMMMMmmmm, maybe we will have waffles tonight.
    Katie, thank you for the recipe! I have been wanting to try a corn chowder, and now I am happy to have a recipe come personally recommended. Looks good!

  5. Here is a super easy, really tasty dinner (that I love making) might want to have a pen and paper ready.

    Favorite Cereal.
    Favorite Milk.

    Combine, and Enjoy!

    I love this post. Thanks for keeping it real man.

  6. DUDE. I love your recipe. Our fave is very close to that, but add sour cream to the spaghetti as a sauce, and then the parm. it is AMAZING. you will not be sorry to taste that deliciousness!


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