August 2, 2010

OTT: Put Your Dog On A Leash!

Today's off-topic tantrum (OTT) is about me almost running over a dog with my car.
The Spawn had gone shopping with Grandma and Aunt so I was having some glorious time to myself. I decided shopping was definitely in order, and one of my favorite past times is thrifting. As I was happily driving along I noticed a man walking with a dog on the right side of the street, and a dog running by itself on the left side of the street. I was nervous, and rightly so- the lone dog darted out in the street in front of me, chasing after it's owner. I screeched to a halt and held my breath- I waited for the thud. I didn't know if it would come from behind or in front of me- and I was hoping for neither. I got so close to the dog, I couldn't see it as it went past me. And since I heard no thud, I assumed it made it- although I checked my mirrors to be sure. There it was, trotting happily next to that man. There was a van stopped behind me, and I desperately wanted to get out and assure him that I was not some crazy nutcase sitting in the middle of the road- didn't he see that dog run right in front of me? But I slowly drove off with a yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach. Demolishing that dog would have really put a dent in my afternoon, and probably not made the dog too happy either. Dogs off leashes are a common occurrence around here- in my neighborhood, at the park. The problem with that is that 1. it's dangerous (for the animal and for people- like my children) and 2. it's illegal here! I just don't understand. Let your dog run in your back yard- take it to the dog park- or just put a leash on it. It's not that complicated! I don't want to kill your dog. And, this is just a guess, but I assume that your dog does not want to be killed by me either. So, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for putting your damn dog on a leash.
End rant. Thank you.
It's called a leash- go buy one!


  1. LOL I laugh not at your rant. I laugh at its timing. I just saw a couple walking their dog down my street. Leash was in the woman's hand... not on the dog. WTF?!? The leash law states the dog must WEAR it, not just have it hand so you can slap it on your dog if animal control or the cops roll by!! This is right up there with a stupid owner I encounter from time to time waving her dumb dogs leash at us and saying "I have it right here!" BIG WHOOP! Put it on your dog or get rid of the dog!! It deserves better than YOU!!!

    *end post rant, rant* ;0)

  2. People are just crazy. You should have snatched the leash out of her hand and strangled her with it! LOL. :D

  3. As a previous dog owner it always irks me when people don't leash there dogs, even the most behaved dogs can have a moment of bad behavior or get spooked and then what...they get hit or someone else can get hurt. That's what dog parks are for!!

    - LBJ


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