August 8, 2010

Honey-Do List

Not Blessed Daddy did a lot of work around the house and yard this weekend. Most of it was by choice- a bunch of random odd jobs. He was obviously very proud of himself, as he brought up several times all that he accomplished. I complimented him once, but quickly grew tired of the game- I imagine that on average, I probably do about 10,000 things every day. So no big deal. The last time Not Blessed Daddy was reclining on the couch patting himself on the back, I made him this-
But for some reason, he didn't like it. Wonder why?


  1. I cannot imagine why he would not like it, its stellar and shows that you appreciate him ;)

  2. OMG. Twitch does that too. He'll empty the dishwasher once, and I'll hear all about it for days. But do I go on and on about what I do? Of course not!
    I'd cut that award out and stick it directly on his chest...maybe with a push-pin or 5... :P

  3. thank you ladies- I whole-heartedly agree! i'm not sure if i saved it- but if i did, i think i'm going to start hiding it in his things. haha.

  4. oh man I am dying to see where that lovely award ends up next, I would probably put it in one of his projects to get done so the next time he fixes a cabinet (or whatever) you won't have to give him a standing ovation since all the work will be done for you in advance!



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