August 19, 2010

It's my Anniversary...

And birthday, actually. I chose to get married on my birthday- in all honesty I am not quite sure why, but my husband is a lucky man to be able to combine the two. It's been ten years that we've been married. Some days I love him dearly- some days I flip him off from behind closed doors. But the one good thing I have to say about our marriage is that it is still fresh- who knows why. We still laugh like we did when we first got together- we still tease, argue, flirt and enjoy each other's company (even when we feel like ripping each other's throats out). So, Not Blessed Daddy, in honor of the ten glorious-wonderful-beautiful-miserable-awful-terrible years we have been joined in holy matrimony, I would like to give you a gift- a special present. A peek inside Not Blessed Mama's mind- here is the:

Not Blessed Mama Translator
  • "I'm trying to put the baby to sleep- could you please turn the tv down?" Are you totally deaf? Turn the damn tv down! This baby hasn't slept at all today and do you not see what a mess I am? Dammit!
  • "What would you like for dinner tonight?" Better pour yourself a bowl of cereal, buddy. If I haven't figured dinner out by now, it ain't happening. 
  • "Do you think this dress looks okay? It's new." Why do I bother trying to look nice for you? I'm going to start wearing garbage bags and see if you notice.
  • "Do you mind if I go out with the Mom's Group tonight?" I've barely had any adult conversation in a week and it's starting to get to me. If I don't have one hour with adults and without children grabbing my boobs, yelling at me for toast or crying about how much they hate their siblings, something very bad is going to happen.
  • "Can you take the garbage out for me?" I know your Mama didn't raise you to be a slob- get off your ass and give a hand. Pronto!
  • "What do you want to do while the kids are with my Mom?" I am not spending date night watching Ultimate Fighting, so you had best put some clean clothes on so we can go out now.
  • "I don't know where the remote control is, but it must be here somewhere." Okay, we probably have 5,000 things in this house. I know that I am Super Mom, but I can't keep track of every single piece of crap we own!
  • "Actually I didn't move your *whatever*, it must have been the kids." I know we spend a lot of time together and they are always on me, but the kids and I really are separate entities and I do not control them by mind-melding.
  • "I have a headache." Seriously, I have a headache.
Happy Anniversary, Not Blessed Daddy. Love you.


    1. Happy Anniversary!

      I once flipped Twitch the bird right behind his back during an argument. Only I was also stirring something on the stove and wasn't paying attention... He turned and saw. oops. that didn't go over well. Now I go behind a closed door and stick my tongue out at him like a 5 year old.

      Have you been spying on me? Because I have the exact same 'translations' here, right down to the ultimate fighter bit!

    2. I got caught once as well- which is why I make sure to be behind a door or wall now! Ha.
      Somehow, I just knew our families had a lot in common. ;)
      And thanks!

    3. Man! I just do it his face. LOL!

      Happy birthday and anniversary! (and yes, you're nuts for getting married on you're birthday. LOL)

    4. LMAO! I think you captured marriage beautifully ;)

    5. Happy anniversary and birthday!! So, do you get 2 presents on this special day??

    6. Thank you, thank you!
      It all depends Andrea, I got 2 cards this year and a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. To toot my own horn a little. ;) I'd say that must have been the anniversary present, and I have a tattoo appt in a few days for the birthday part!


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