August 14, 2010

A long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

You didn't have kids- neither did I. I know, I know- it's hard to believe. But think back real far, my dear Mama friends.... there was a time when you didn't have to wipe anyone's poopy butt and you ate your meals sitting at a table, with utensils, at your leisure. Yes, it sounds like crazy talk, but I know this to be true! When I try to think back on those days, I wonder "What in the hell did you do with all that free time?" I worked, of course, but what about all those other hours in the day? It really boggles the mind. But I kind of, almost, vaguely remember that I used to have... hobbies.  I think I used to do things I enjoyed, for pleasure. It seems surreal to think of afternoons spent curled up in a blanket with a good book, the window cracked to listen to the soft rainfall. What about watching movies that aren't animated? 'Member that? Sewing, spur of the moment road trips, casually enjoying a meal in a new restaurant- all those wonderful activities that children generally don't enjoy or just aren't very conducive to. Recently I have decided to try and revive some of these lost arts, these hobbies. It's hard to get much done with kids around, we all know that. I love to scrapbook, but dragging all that crap out and having it spread all over the table just isn't gonna work with the Spawn around. So I decided to start doing some henna tattoos, or mehndi. It's a simple, beautiful art form that involves painting the hands or feet with a henna paste to create a temporary stain. It originated in India or the Middle East and was historically used as a part of Hindu wedding tradition. In the late 1990's it became popular in the US, and readily available. I started doing henna tattoo's as a teen and it was something I really enjoyed- I used many friends as canvases. Recently my sister bought me some henna and I dove back in. It was a soothing and nostalgic experience, but I was so rusty! I was a little disappointed my skills weren't what they were ten years ago- I was only mildly pleased with the result. But I got a big ego boost when an Indian woman in a restaurant stopped me to see my hands (and Spawn#2's), and complimented the beautiful job I did. Thank you, random kind lady! I strongly recommend you take a break from playdates and watching  Spongebob and do something that YOU enjoy- it is definitely worth it!
My first attempt at mehndi in many years, with the paste still applied.
The finished result.


  1. man if that's rusty i can't imagine what your version of good is! Very pretty, I want some!!!!

  2. @ Monkey Mama...I was thinking the same thing! What an amazing talent you's gorgeous!

    I have worked really hard to keep my hobbies a part of my life, and it's a struggle (partially because I jump from hobby to One tip I have for keeping your hobbies is to involve the children. I scrapbook (only occasionally now) but when I do my 7 year old daughter scraps too, she makes the most interesting albums. and my 3 year old cuts up the scraps. When I sew the kids use my scraps to make leashes for their pets, or my 7 year old will sew buttons on scraps. my three year old cuts up the scraps (can you tell he's new to scissors). I still don't have a whole lot of time for my interests, but it helps when i get the kids involved.

  3. Ooooooooo!! Can we have a Mehndi Party? :0D Seriously. That would be fun! I beg you. Use me as your canvas. ;0)

  4. That did turn out nicely, yeas a remember when we used to do henna as a matter of fact I will never forget when I was 8+ months pregnant and you put Baby with arrows pointing down on my tummy with henna...the dr. got a kick out of that one! Glad you are taking you time!.


  5. Thank you ladies for your kind words. It was hard to start but I can't wait to do more. A henna party would be a lot of fun!


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