August 13, 2010

I Won, I Won!

Remember not too long ago when I was begging you with tears streaming down my face asking you to vote for me in Hip Mountain Mama's Going Green anniversary contest? I won second place! I'm so grateful to all of my loyal friends, family and readers who were kind enough to vote for me. And I promise, I am not going to forget the little people when I am rich and famous and write my blog in the cabana by the pool, sipping a daquiri as I watch the nanny swim with the kids. 
We just received our order and we are SO pleased with everything we chose. I wanted to try out the Snack Taxi's, which are lined fabric bags with velcro closures that are perfect for lunch or snack time. There are a ton of fun different prints, so I ordered one for each of the kids (and the awesome retro mushroom print for myself).  The Spawn were immediately enamored of them, and Spawn#2's cute flowered print is missing from the pic 'cause she took off with it.

They have a special going on right now- when you order 4 Snack Taxi's, you get a free organic cotton lunch bag- and they sent it to me! Suzy at HMM is so generous- can you believe she sent me the free bonus when I was using the gift certificate I won from them? She rocks!

Another item we ordered that I had never heard of before was Baby Legs- a sort of one-size-fits-all leg warmer, arm warmer hybrid. They. Are. ADORABLE. Spawn#2 would not take them off and slept in them- she even said they made her cartwheels better!

As you can see, Spawn#3 was in love with them as well- I'll be ordering him a pair too.

If you are at all interested in natural, organic or Waldorf products for your children and your home, please check out Hip Mountain Mama's store! It is a small business that I definitely feel good supporting. 


  1. Cute! Congrats gf! You deserved to win. ;0)

  2. cool so glad you won. i voted for you and that is how i discovered this little gem of a blog to begin with. congrats!


  3. Thank you so much Mama's, love you!!!!


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