August 17, 2010

Facebook, Twitter- But Not Myspace, 'Cause That's For Booty Calls

Back in my day, teenagers had a pager. Do kids these days even know what a pager is? Maybe our parents had a cell phone, maybe not. Nowadays, kids have computers, cell phones, Nintendo DS's with Wi-Fi, PSP's, the list goes on and on. It's insane. When I left high school, I started my first e-mail account (which I have to this day!). Now my 9 year old has a Facebook and an e-mail account and visits his favorite bloggers regularly. Crazy, I tell you! 
So Not Blessed Mama is doing her best to ride the technology wave. I had a Myspace a few years back, but it slowly faded away as Facebook became popular. Then I discovered the world of blogging- and now, I am reluctantly finally starting a Twitter account. All the cool bloggers do it, so I figured I had better too. Gotta be hip, you know. Good Lord, I am so old....

(and if I am doing that wrong, just search Facebook for me!)

And here is your reward for being such a loyal reader-
a super cute picture of a 2 week old baby dolphin.
Why? Because it's so damn cute!

If you have a Twitter, Facebook, Blog, doctor's report or parking ticket, post it in the comments- I'd love to check them out. ;)


  1. I did myspace for a while. Then I got bored of it. Facebook is where I "live". I call it face crack. Im addicted.
    I was on twitter, but I really don't "get it". I'm guessing it's more of a phone thing. I don't have a cell phone, so I don't bother. Bloggin is my baby. Even though it appears I'm new at blogging, I've actually been at it for 2 years, but Im now 'hiding" under the cover of anonymous.

    Im loving the dolphin pic. All marine mammals are my favorite!!

  2. You have my twitter, my facebook and my myspace (back when that meant something.) I don't have a doc's report. Not one I can link to anyway. As for the parking ticket... ya, I'd need a car for that. ;0p

    Like the dolphin. Really like how you made "baby dolphin" one of the meta tags. (oh wait... they're called "Labels" here) LOL

  3. BTW... you're cute little twitter button takes people to :0(

  4. ahh cute baby dolphin .....

    - LBJ

  5. We ALL fell in love with that baby dolphin.
    Thanks for letting me know KidLit! Fixed, I hope.

  6. my twitter is TheLasVegasMama... i think you may already be following?

  7. No problem. And yes, it works fine now. ;0)


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