July 31, 2010

Here Baby, There Mama- Everywhere Daddy Daddy- Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair...

"Hello girls!" exclaimed the couple passing us on the sidewalk today. "Ahh, all girls, huh?" smiled the older gentleman at the grocery store. "Look at her wavy hair" came from the man at the register in the electronics store, gesturing to Spawn#3. I smile and nod, playing the part of the proud parent. And I am proud of my Spawn- they're all gorgeous, and they all have beautiful long(ish) locks- but unfortunately, they are not all girls. 
Boy, boy, girl. 

When Spawn#1 was born, Not Blessed Daddy and I were of course enraptured with him. His smooth creamy skin, adorable sparkling eyes, thick dark brown hair. And that hair kept growing and growing, and we didn't cut it. Why would we? It was so soft and smooth and sleek, and a beautiful chestnut brown. We couldn't bring ourselves to- there was no reason. Because society arbitrarily says boys have to have short hair? Pshaw. To me that makes as much sense as society dictating that women should not have hair on their legs or armpits but a small amount on the arms is permissible. Who makes up this crap? People have hair on there bodies. All over the place. If Mother Nature meant my legs to be as smooth as silk, I'd have dolphin legs.

Unfortunately, because of my crazy and radical hippie ideas about hair, Spawn#1 has pretty much been called a girl his whole life. Long hair on boys was much rarer 9 years ago than it is now, but we're still getting the stereotype (I must admit that Spawn#3 takes the brunt now). He has a lovely angelic face- people just assume that a sweet face and long-ish hair make a girl. I'm not sure why camo pants and shirts with dump trucks don't make a boy, but that's the way it is.

So the next time you see a cherubic tot with long tresses, hold your tongue for 5 seconds before you make a comment about them. Check out the outfit- look for barrettes- check the shoes. Generally there are hints that will clue you in to the little one's gender, and you can avoid uncomfortable conversations like this one:
Acquaintance: Oh, you have two girls?
Me: No, there are my kids right there- Spawn#1 and #2.
Acquaintance: But I didn't think you had two girls?
Me: No, that's Spawn#1 and there's Spawn#2. 
Acquaintance: (in a hesitant voice) Oohhh.... I thought you only had one girl, so I wasn't sure....
Me: (blank stare)
Acquaintance: (uncomfortable laughter- walks away)

And now I would like to leave you with some photos of men with long/ish hair, who have all been very successful in their lives.
Ben Franklin


Willie Nelson (yes, I know, he went to the
dark side- no one's perfect!)

(incredibly hot) Capt. Jack Sparrow

And, of course, Jesus


  1. Too funny! You know Josh's friend Caroline? She had her hair cut to about shoulder length and wears boyish clothes, and her mom said everyone calls her a boy now! So what's up with that?

    Maybe your boys can still make something of themselves, even though they have long hair. When I scrolled down to Fabio, I knew your list of successful long-haired men would be funny. I especially like the picture of Swedish Jesus.

  2. ya ethan has pretty much been called a girl his whole life too, lol. oh well. He doesn't mind too often!

  3. T didn't start minding til he was older, Rea. now he flatly states matter-of-fact that he is NOT a girl! He sticks up for M too. :)
    Kim, I'm sure you cannot deny that Fabio had a wildly successful career and is probably still receiving I can't Believe It's Not Butter royalties! Hahaha. There were so many more to include: Hercules, Bon Jovi....

  4. Let's just call him California Surfer Jesus--he's great! I saw Fabio the other day on a Nickelodeon show the kids were watching ("Big Time Rush" I think). Those romance novel covers will always be his claim to fame. I used to be a big fan of long-haired men (no, not Fabio), mostly musicians, including Jon Bon Jovi. Well, I guess his hair was more wide than long, just like most 80s hair. Ha ha!

  5. Freedom had long hair too untill a year ago. we cut it into a mohawk and I have always regretted it. We didn't do it as a gender statement it was just what he wanted and we respected that. I worked in a portrait studio for a long time and after a few mistakes with gender I have certainly learned my lesson. I love your boys hair! Keep it real NBM, it's so refreshing.

    as far as your hillarious photos, I can only say:
    Rock me sexy Jesus!


  6. Hahaha Kat, California-surfer Jesus was un-intentional but hilarious. He's quite the ladies man, it seems. ;)
    Thanks for your comments ladies!

  7. Love the picture of the spawn they are really cute in that pic!

    - LBJ

  8. We get that all the time. My son's dark dark brown hair hangs to his waist. He always wears boy type clothes. But not sports advertising clothes. People constantly call him a girl. He's 8 now and it's starting to really upset him. His daddy told him to pull his pants down and show them. Not sure if that's a good idea or not.

  9. I know this experience, from the other side of arbitrary gender assumptions. I make bald babies. This does not baffle the public when it they are boy babies, but mix in some bald *girl* babies and there is mass confusion. Being an ever-helpful sort, I have even dressed these bald girl babies in PINK dresses...and *still* the public compliments me on my adorable son. Really?


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