July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

I hope you all are enjoying this special holiday, my dear mamas friends. The 4th of July is a wonderful opportunity to remember why we love and are grateful for our country.
This year the Spawn have been ridiculous about fireworks. In our city, they went on sale the Monday before the 4th. We went with Not Blessed Dad and hit about 4 fireworks stands on Friday- he's just as big of a kid as they are (or more?). And let me tell you, if I hear the Spawn ask one more time when we do fireworks or how long until dark, I am going to lose my flipping mind. Spawn#3 is only 3 years old, so his impatience is slightly more understandable than 6 year old Spawn#2's. So, in light of recent events, I have been carefully formulating a plan for future 4th of July's and I'm even thinking about going commercial. OK, here's what I'm thinking-
1. Fireworks will only be sold on July 4th.
2. All Spawn will receive a safe, organic, natural, strong-as-hell sleeping potion on the 3rd of July at bedtime. It will wear off at dusk on the 4th of July.
3. Parents will go buy all fireworks on the 4th of July while Spawn are rendered unconscious.
4. Spawn will wake as the sun sets on the 4th, energized and ready for fireworks- sparing parents from being asked TEN THOUSAND TIMES when it's time to do fireworks.
I'm really thinking an all inclusive kit with everything you need to survive the holiday is a product that would be in great demand in our society.
From all of us here at Not Blessed Mama, have a safe, happy and wonderful 4th of July holiday with your families.

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