July 9, 2010

What's in your Bag?

I was intrigued when I noticed IndyGrrrl's blog post about what was in her purse. The purse itself was adorable, just gorgeous- and a Betseyville (I must admit I am a tiny bit of a purse snob- really, just a tiny, tiny bit). All of her belongings were neatly organized and beautiful. It was like a work of art. But you know Not Blessed Mama- she's always gotta go and ruin everything by keeping it real.... So without further ado, here are the contents of Hip Mama's bag!

The purse itself is one of my fav's- my first Harajuku Lovers, a grey bag with an adorable kitty girl print. You can see it's pretty filthy here- after I emptied it out, I put it through the washer and it looks much better.

Ooooh, and look inside- I have no idea how this happened!

What a disaster. It was such an awful, messy jumble that I had to sort the crap into piles so I could get rid of it. So here are piles number one and two-

Pile #1 on the left is paper to keep- Pile #2 on the right is garbage paper.
Next comes the real garbage......

Awful! What is wrong with you, not Blessed Mama! For shame.... the pile on the left is actually not garbage, it's stuff I want to keep but it's all covered in metled chocolate.... yum yum.

Yup, that is a thermometer caked with melted chocolate. A nice touch, I think. Onto the Spawn's junk..


Look at this varied assortment here.... if we were trapped in our car in a snow covered ravine, we'd be entertained for days.... or minutes. Let's see, there was Spawn#3's tank top, Weinerschnitzel coin purse, suction cup dart, paddle ball and baby nail clippers. Spawn#1 has Pokemon cards, Bakugan, Legos and a Wimpy Kid novel. Spawn#2 is sorely under-represented here, with only a heart and a necklace.
Now, onto Mama's personal junk....

My very favorite is the Ed Hardy iPhone case, for the future iPhone I hope to own some day. My Fossil wallet (which matches a different purse), a flash drive, some money, Burt's Bees Lip Balm, Neo-To-Go, 3 plastic forks, 3 pens, an MP3 player (covered in afore-mentioned chocolate), keys to my grandmother's house, a spare blade for my scrap-booking paper cutter, Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer and a very treasured belonging- my "alcohol rock". It was made for me by a very dear friend- it's supposed to be used as a calming object, you hold it in your hand and it helps bring you peace. And what special  word could be more relaxing, have more meaning than alcohol? (Unfortunately it got covered in melted lip balm, sorry, Kim!) I swear this purse had to weigh about 10 pounds. 
And there you have it folks, the fat disaster you wind up with in your purse when you are the over-worked, utterly exhausted Mama of 3 Spawn! I would love to see or hear about what's in your bags as well. 


  1. Is that Burt's Bees I see? I love BB, and I love your bag! My husband got me a Harajuku Lovers bag recently, and it's adorable. The line is super cute. You have tons of fun things in your bag : ) Games for days!

  2. Well It's nothing like your work of art. ;) Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I'm glad you keep it real for your dear mama friends. And you should send that purse company (you know how I am so NOT knowledgeable about purses) your post to show them how much stuff can fit in their purse--I'm truly amazed.

    As for telling you what's in my bag . . . You know how huge my backpack is, so I wouldn't even have time to talk about all the junk in it! I think I have some things you don't have in yours, like water, granola bars, feminine hygiene products, a travel first aid kit, a mini/keychain Swiss army knife, and hand sanitizer, to name a few. We'd be bored in the ravine, but we'd be able to survive for a few days. Maybe I should add an "alcohol rock" to my collection to calm my nerves in the ravine.

    Oh, I just noticed you have six followers now! Awesome!

  4. You've inspired me. . .I feel the need to go do a blog post about what's in MY bag now.

    Unfortunately, I just cleaned it out, so it's not nearly as interesting as it was yesterday. . .

  5. I'd love to see Sarah! Just wait a few days and it should return to it's normal state....
    Kim, I will send Gwen Stefani this blog post and maybe she will send me a new Harajuku, if I promise to keep it clean. ;)


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