July 12, 2010

Peanut Butter and Jelly

As you may have heard, Not Blessed Mama is not much of a cook. I do cook, all the time, but i don't really enjoy it. As I've said before- if dinner is something other than potato chips, I'm pretty happy (although don't get me wrong, Spawn#1-3 would be perfectly happy to eat chips 24/7). A while ago a friend told me about a Rachel Ray recipe she tried. She gave it a thumbs down, but I love weird food (especially easy-to-make weird food) so I gave it a try. It's basically just a pb&j sandwich fried up like french toast. Rachel recommends serving with maple syrup, and said friend deemed it too sweet- noooooo way. I love this recipe! I don't think I'd want to eat it as a meal, because with syrup it is sweet. And that's exactly why I like it- it really satisfies your sweet tooth but also gives you something substantial to eat at the same time. Now I may not go as far as Ms. Ray and claim that this recipe is good for you- but if you use natural peanut or nut butter (we like freshly ground), all fruit jelly, some decent bread and real maple syrup.... well, it's not that bad for you. More nutritional than say, a piece of cheesecake I'm sure. Next time you're craving something sweet that's simple, fast and easy to prepare, give this recipe a try. And if you're disappointed- blame Rachel, not me!

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