July 21, 2010

The Fish Tank Mystery

The Spawn stayed up way too late tonight..... waaaaaay to late. I dragged myself out of bed around 12:45am and wasted spent an hour on the internet. Around 2 I decided I wasn't going to get any work done and I should just go to bed (late nights aren't unusual for me; Spawn-free time is vital to my sanity!), and that's when things started getting interesting. On my way to bed I noticed something fishy (hehehe) going on in the fish tank..... there was something really weird happening in there....

Notice all those floofy looking things on the bottom and stuck to the filters? Yeah, I couldn't figure out what they were either. I looked and looked and pondered and puzzled...... and finally realized they were......
Yup, Spawn#3 dumped a good amount of cornflakes in the fish tank. Why? I'm sure we'll never know. It will be one of life's greatest mysteries. I bet that when I am on my death bed, my final thought will be, "Why oh why did Spawn#3 dump cornflakes in the fish tank?" I decided (regretfully) that cleaning out the cornflakes at 2 in the morning would be better than hearing Not Blessed Daddy cursing at 4 in the morning. Oh, and just because I couldn't believe that I was scooping cornflakes out of the fish tank at 2 in the morning, here's the proof:

I started scooping out the disgustingly mushy cereal and let me tell you, that eel would not leave me alone. I even fed the dang things so they'd let me scoop out the mess in peace. No such luck- they were probably on a sugar high, or developing fish diabetes. Not Blessed Mama does not do fish- that's all Daddy's hobby. N.B.M. doesn't touch slimy, icky things- it's just the way she is. So that eel was creepin' me out, big time. 

Leave me alone, eel!

Spawn#3, here is what i think of you dumping cornflakes in the fish tank:

I finally finished scooping out what I could- there was still a bunch of marine snow floating around, but hopefully I got enough out for the filters to do their job. And as I uploaded these pictures, I found this one of Spawn#3 being adorable...

Fortunately for him, it should be just enough to keep me from smothering him as I drag my fishy, stinky, tired self to bed. Consider yourself lucky, Spawn#3.


  1. oh wow that's hilarious. I do not do the squishy things either. Snakes are on the top of my things that cause me to run screaming like a girl list. When I saw your curious pictures I was hoping that spawn had thrown a toy snake in the tank, but alas it's a real eel *shudder* How do you deal with that, it would give me nightmares! I will never forget the aweful things that my friends and sisters did to the fish in the name of feeding them. Finding fish (dead) on the counter "drinking" puddles of kool-aid, or in the cupboard inside the fish food (dead again). Yes it's true fish never lasted long in my house. You should consider yourself lucky those little guys are still kickin (well maybe not the eel but that's a personal thing - no offense eel)


  2. we...he was just trying to give them a midnight snack I guess???

    - LBJ

  3. LOL cornflakes!! That kinda sucks for you but its pretty funny!

  4. Sadly, this story did not end well. :( RIP, poor fish. I guess cornflakes are a silent killer!

  5. LOL I can't believe you blogged this with picture details. LOL You rock!!! Bit surprised you showed spawn #3's face. Too tired to photo shop a smilie that night huh? *snicker* Ya, he's lucky he's cute. ;0)

  6. Yes, KidLit, I was too beat. I decided if someone wanted to come and take them..... ;)


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