June 28, 2011

Five Things That Homeschoolers Would Rather You Not Say To Them

I guess the secret's out that we're homeschoolers. It's not really a secret, I just don't feel the need to shout it from the rooftops. Want to know why? This is what I get in return:

5. I didn't know you homeschooled! (This is always said while the speaker throws furtive glances at my Spawn, wondering how they could have missed the warning signs.) Amazing, huh?  My kids almost look normal! Blending in is part of our daily curriculum.
4. I knew someone who was homeschooled, and he was totally anti-social. Everyone knows that one person who homeschooled- and more often than not, they're weird freaks who can't function in society. Do you know anyone who went to public school who is anti-social or shy? 'Cause I do.
3. I could never homeschool my kids because they are smarter than me! Umm.... you may have some issues you need to work on.
2. I could never be around my child that much! I'd go crazy. Well, all homeschooling parents are born with an extra chromosome on the 24th pair called sympatheticus extremus. It makes it remarkably easy to be with your kids 24/7, and you never get irritated at them or want to beat the beejebus out of them.


1. Aren't you worried about socialization? Every homeschooler has gotten this remark at least once. When you ask a homeschooler this, they must fight to control the urge to punch you in the eye. Homeschooled kids are socialized, just like any other child. Some are shy- some are loud. Some have lots of friends- some have a few close friends. Homeschoolers get socialization from family members, errand running, homeschool play dates, park outings, museum trips, and 500 other ways. It is so easy to be socialized. So easy, it's probably the least important reason I can think of not to homeschool.

Now you are all set to deal with the homeschoolers you may meet in your every day life. Just remember: maintain eye contact, stand tall, and don't be scared- because we can smell fear.
Just kidding! *sniff sniff*


  1. You're lucky you blogged... I was gonna call you a heifer. But only because you told me too and I love you. :0(

    I think it's great you homeschool. I could never do it. I'm too anti-social, I hate being near my kids and I am far too stupid. ;0)

    I forgot that I'm crazy, but that goes with out saying. As for the not knowing... Ya, I can't lie about that one. ;0p

  2. You're a homeschooler?!! But you appear so *normal*! ;) ARGHHH!!! Why won't blogger recognize me? I am not anonymous! - Sarcasm Goddess

  3. I know I would have never been smart enough to teach my kid in high school, so I guess I need remedial math skills, stupid statistics.

  4. I love this! I have merely mentioned that we are considering homeschooling and have already gotten the "I don't have the patience to homeschool!" speech.

  5. I must say, as a teacher, I totally understand why some people homeschool and I am totally down with it. Whatever works for your family.

    I also must say, as a teacher, I'd much rather spend all day with my kids than with other people's kids.

  6. I do not homeschool, but have a lot of respect for those who do! Teachers, stay at home parents, and people who work with kids everyday all deserve our applause!

  7. Hehehe! LOVED this because you are SO right!! :)

  8. I SO get this! I get this type of reaction all the time!

  9. LOL I am working on my ability to smell fear because I am so homeschooling (starting this fall!)


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