June 13, 2011

Just Blog, Heifer!

A bloggy friend and I were talking about the blog boycott day that went on last week. We both agreed that it was ridiculous- to us, at least. We don't need an excuse to get off of our blogs- we need someone to kick our butts so we get on our blogs! So My Mamihood came up with the excellent idea of #justblogheifer day. Which was today, but as you can see I'm a little late! It's easy to think up excuses to not get on-line and write. I'm busy, my back hurts, my house smells like urine and I need to clean it. But we write because we love it. We love our readers, we love making connections, we love sharing our voice.
So the next time you notice a bloggy friend MIA, give 'em a shout out- just blog, heifer! When Not Blessed Mama hasn't been on-line in a week and your need your dose of wonderfulness (what?), shout out- just blog, heifer! Let's support each other and lift each other up in this wonderful blogging world- by calling each other cows.
Well, it seemed like a good idea.

Make sure you are following Not Blessed Mama on Twitter for when you need to tell me to #justblogheifer.


  1. There was a blog boycott? Well now you know how dialed in to everything I am. . .

  2. I love it and I love you blog!

  3. Wow... I know you personally and I didn't know. I am not only out of the loop, but I'm out of touch with those I know who are in. Double sad. Oh well. I was too busy making sure I had entries for once. Boycotting would have been counter-productive. LOL! Feel free to slap and heifer me any day. ;0)

  4. I adore it! And the best part is that after kicking your butt about blogging yesterday, I went home intent on doing a vlog and guess what? I ended up working til past 10 and drinking an Ensure for dinner! Yes, this is my official excuse for why I didn't blog! Go ahead, say it...#justblogheifer

  5. I am being officially KILLLED by a stupid statistics course. And what am I doing instead of studying, umm...I mean resting my eyes, checking in on my readers.


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