June 10, 2011

Can Someone Call Adult Protective Services, Please?

I've been catching up on Hoarders lately. I hurt my back somehow on Monday and I've been laid up all week on the couch (in agony!), watching Netflix on my iPhone and trying to entertain the Spawn without moving. It's been wonderful.
Hoarders is like a train wreck- fascinating, devastating, and you just can't look away. Something I learned this week was the existence of Adult Protective Services. Of course I've heard of CPS, and I've been mildly concerned that this blog would somehow get me reported to them. But APS was something new to me. I'm not sure if they exist in California or not, but if they do, I would respectfully request that someone report Not Blessed Mama to them for assistance. 
I've been in pain, miserable, barely eating all week- stuck on the couch in the same dirty clothes. The house is going to shambles around me. I really think I deserve better than this. I think someone should be fawning over me, serving me meals and bringing me People magazine (other quality reading material, like The Enquirer, may be substituted). I mean, I am such a wonderful mother and person. Always giving- giving, giving, giving. And then in my hour of need, look at me. Just look at me! 
If you are unable to contact APS, you may feel free to drop off any donations of food, DVD's, narcotics and dry shampoo to the Not Blessed residence. They would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 


  1. So sorry to hear you are all laid up with no people magazine!! That is awful. Someone needs to come take care of you. :/

  2. Awwwwwwww! Poor Mama!!! :'0(

    Now I really wish I had my own car.

  3. Thanks, mamas. I am almost functional again. This week sure sucked!

  4. I can so relate. Two years ago when I was going through chemo I was so sick I couldn't get off the couch. Fortunately our wonderful homeschool group brought us food on an almost daily basis. They would also come by and pick up my son so he could do something other than sit around with a very sick mama all the time. Sometimes someone would wash dishes or run the vacuum. It was so great just to have that assistance. We would not have survived without it. Mamas are just not allowed to get sick I guess. But having great friends is a wonderful help when you do.

    I'm glad you're feeling better.

  5. APS??? Sign me up for a pedicure & back rub! (A nice glass or wine would work, too.)


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