June 22, 2011

The Second Official Meeting Of The Not Blessed Mama Haters Club

Hello ladies, hello. Come in! It's so good to see you again. The first meeting of the Official Not Blessed Mama Haters Club went so well, I couldn't resist having you all back for the second installment. And you were all such lovely, lovely haters. Really, a Mama couldn't ask for better haters. I am so not blessed!

Like I said, I was really pleased with the first meeting. I got a lot of readers ready to profess their hate for Not Blessed Mama, and things seemed to go very well. Sadly, neither fame nor fortune has been bestowed upon yours truly. It wasn't you, I promise- it was me. I really didn't comprehend the level of dedication that is required to amass a large following of readers and haters. So I am here with a new proposition:

Not Blessed Mama needs a Twitter war.
I've seen it happen many times. Someone, anyone, writes some foul tweet, blog or remark, and all of a sudden it's being tweeted to high heaven. EVERYONE wants to get their two cents in. So, are you ready? Here we go, Twitter war time! Fun fun squeee!

First (obvs)(who the hell makes up this stuff, obvs)(is obviously really that hard to type?), you need to follow me on Twitter. Ok, super easy. You're doing great!

Next.... umm... well, next. I really don't like being mean to people, believe it or not. So maybe if one of you could just get on Twitter and tweet at me, "How could you say that @notblessedmama? that is OBVS so rude!!!", we can see what happens next. Use of exclamation points is completely discretionary, but I'd recommend maximum usage to display extreme indignation. I really have a good feeling about this. I can almost hear the FedEx man pulling up with all the swag my awesome sponsors are going to send me (Mike's Hard Lemonade? Suave Dry Shampoo?). 
Thank you, my dear mama friends. As always, Not Blessed Mama loves you.


  1. Bahahaa - are you ready for the hurricane??!

  2. Okay...you're hularious. Good luck being hated ;)

  3. Does the tweet have to be true? :0o


  4. Okay, so I almost had a twitter war start the other day but I decided to be nice and I took a different path. Worked out this time. Who knows what will happen next time.

  5. Ha, I don't like being mean to people either.

    I sort of had a Facebook war before. It wasn't fun.


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