May 8, 2011

Happy Mama's Day, Ladies.

I was just checking some crap stuff on-line before heading off to bed, and I saw this:

It was on the Yahoo homepage (and probably still is). Now, this picture strongly reinforces my theory that every company needs to have a mother as an employee in an important position. Because this would never happen:
Ad exec #1: So what signifies Mothers Day to our users?
Ad exec #2: A kid scribbling on a wall, making a fat mess that her mother will have to clean up on her special day? Oh, and the mom should lovingly pat the girl on the head, just to show how much she appreciates her drawing all over the wall.
Room full of ad exec's nod and murmur in agreement.
I mean, what the bloody hell? What would make a women feel special about scrubbing paint off the wall? Let me tell you, I have at least 2 scribbles I need to go paint over right now, and they don't make me want to pat my Spawn on the head. Maybe if the patting involved some swatting, but not just patting. It's stupid. Yahoo- stupid.
So, to all my dear Mama friends, I wish you a lovely and wonderful and beautiful Mother's Day, that makes your wildest dreams come true- and I hope that no one draws on your walls. Smack 'em if they do. 
Love, Not Blessed Mama


  1. May your walls be painted overnight by fairies! happy mothers day!

  2. And may those fairies not be your spawn in costume with finger paints. ;0) <3

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  3. Yeah, it's hard not to beat our little thugs with sticks every morning just for good measure.

  4. I'd be ticked if my kids did that.

    Actually, they've done that.

    I was ticked.


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