May 5, 2011

Not Blessed Mama's Unwanted And Unsolicited Product Review: Suave Dry Shampoo Spray

I really love giving unwanted product reviews. I feel like it's my calling- to let my lovely readers know which products suck, and which are awesome. I know the companies appreciate it too- they don't have to give me anything for free, I just write about them! (Of course, if they gave me their stuff for free, I would probably be more delicate when the item sucked ass. But no one sends me any free stuff, so that's their bad.)
I have a younger sister. Here she is:
This is her Gaga halloween outfit- I know she will be super happy I used this pic.

She is very into fashion, make-up, and all that jazz. Obviously I am not, or I never would have said something like "all that jazz" because it is so not cool. Every once in a while she tries to drag me out of the depths of unwashed hippie-ism with assorted products or trendy clothing. Sometimes it works, and this is definitely one of those times. Behold, my new love-

Yes, that is Suave Dry Shampoo Spray. What in the holy hell am I talking about, you ask? Well, let me tell you. This stuff is AWESOOOOOOOOOME.
I have oily hair. I thought about taking before and after pics of me using this product, but posting pictures of my greasy hair was farther than even I could go (sorry loves). If I wash my hair at night, when I wake up in the morning it is totally oily and flat and looks like I haven't washed it in a week. Which, let's be honest, isn't uncommon. But Suave Dry Shampoo has come to the rescue!
When your hair starts looking like someone rubbed chicken fat into it, you take this spray and mist your roots. It's very light- you can barely notice it going on, and you really don't look any different at first. But after a few minutes, your roots are noticeably fresher, your hair smells great (the spray has a light citrus scent), and you have BODY, and VOLUME, which is sweet for us limp haired ladies.
I am so happy I tried Suave Dry Shampoo spray. I can go a few days without washing my hair, and not look like the dirty hairy stinky hippie I really am.
And maybe if I keep typing SUAVE DRY SHAMPOO, SUAVE DRY SHAMPOO, SUAVE DRY SHAMPOO, they will send me a freaking coupon for their product or something! Damn, what's a girl gotta do to get some free crap? Someone clue me in.


  1. wow, interesting. I wonder if that would work for me? my hair isn't oily but i'm intrigued by the idea...

  2. Not Just Another Jen, my sister told me that it's common to use this spray for styling hair since it gives you such great body.

  3. OOOHHHH! I thought I was the only one who woke up with oily hair after having washed it the night before! I was always so jealous of the girls who could "skip a day" when washing their hair. No wonder they were the ones with the fabulous hair and I was the one with the ponytail. They styled once and got two days worth of wear out of it.

    I remember putting baby powder in my hair in an attempt to duplicate what you're saying this product will do. It didn't turn out well. Maybe some day I will get over the shame and share about it. And maybe I won't.

    I am definitely trying some. So, SUAVE DRY SHAMPOO - NotBlessedMama just sold some of your product! Send her a free bottle already!!!

  4. I am now going to the store for some SUAVE DRY SHAMPOO. That's 2 bottles sold by Not Blessed Mama. Give this lady some compensation!

  5. HAHAHA! You guys are so awesome! I really hope that you enjoy SUAVE DRY SHAMPOO! Lololol. I better go get the phone- I think they'll be calling in a minute to hire me.

  6. oh my gosh. i am so excited to go get this. i too have tried the baby powder recommended method. it sucks. Like many a mom, sometimes i just don't have the time to wash my hair damn it, but then have to resort to the pony tail to hide my greasy melon. LOVE it, thank you!

  7. I actually just got a coupon for a free dry shampoo for Suave in the mail yesterday!! haha Now I can't wait to try it!

    I found the coupon online a few weeks ago, so if I find another one I'll be sure to send you the link.


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