May 18, 2011

The Day My Kids Got Flipped Off At Wal-Mart

Let me first say- I am trying to let this go.
I am trying to open my heart and let this incident fly away like a cute little bluebird, leaving feelings of forgiveness and love behind.
It's not working. 
Instead, this is sitting on my brain like a big, fat, bald vulture, picking and picking and PICKING away.
The other day we went to Wal-Mart. As the kids and I were walking through the parking lot, a large truck backed out near us. I didn't even really think about it- the kids and I were walking as out of the way of the road as we could, and we kept walking. We were almost to the entrance when I heard someone shout something about kids- and I still didn't get it. But after a few more steps, I turned around- and this old woman driving a big ol' Chevy was flipping us off. I turned back around and kept walking. I couldn't believe my eyes. I just had to turn around again- and there she was, flipping us off some more. Can you believe it! She was flipping off a woman and her 3 young children because we happened to be walking down the road while she was backing out. We didn't even walk behind her car! We were on the opposite side of the road- but because her truck was so big, she had to stop for a second while we passed.
I'll admit it- I reacted. After my brain finally processed what was happening, I yelled something like- "How could you? There are children here! You're disgusting!" Then I jumped on the hood of her car, growling at her as I bared my teeth. She cowered in fear, but it was too late. I punched my fist through the windshield and dragged her worthless waste of a body out of the car. Then I tossed it across the parking lot like a rag doll, and ripped her truck apart with my bare hands.
Okay, I didn't. But I did yell that she was disgusting, and I just can't let it go. Why do people have to be so horrible? What happened to common decency? Who the hell flips off little kids????
And also, anyone happen to catch her license plate?


  1. Wow...our country sure is going downhill fast. When people stop caring about what they do in front of children, you know we are in a mess. How awful. My husband street preaches and you would not believe the reactions we get from front of our children. Wow. This is why America is headed for sad.

  2. Common decency has evaporated, and it's very troubling. The way people treat each other in our society, the way people seem to think it is perfect OK to treat others, is scary. I'm sorry this happened to you, and more importantly, to your kids. I'd have a hard time getting over it, too.

  3. people like this are why I don't shop at WalMart...

  4. I'm sorry, I was in a hurry, I didn't mean to flip you off. Sorry, really.

  5. Maybe she was angry that she didn't get all the shopping she needed before 5/21? The world is ending soon.

    BTW - those are GREAT teachable moments. "See kids, that's how we DON'T act. What she just did was rude and inconsiderate. We don't treat people like that." And really loud, for everyone to hear.

  6. That is just wrong. You had the right of way and a grown woman should no better.

  7. I second the Walmart comment lol.
    People or horrible, lame, idiots. i have encountered so many lately it's enough to make me not even want to leave the house!
    I'm sorry you had to cross paths with one of the the shallow gene pool waders :(

  8. F-ing walmart. I hate that place. Why does it have to be so cheap?

    Also, I was totally picturing She-Hulk before I saw the picture!!

  9. First off, I admire your self control. I soooo would have punched through the window. (I really have to stop doing that too... pricey and scar worthy.) What a HORRIBLE person!!

    Second, I also admire your attempt to open your heart and let it fly... something about a bird.... Ya, the vulture was spot on. And it would have taken control of my body and my mouth. I would have a cursed her a blue streak cussin' her out for the guester at my impressionable kids. I know. I suck.

    Feel better in comparision? Good. I have done my job.

    Tina, you rock. IF I had more control, that would be an awesome alternative. '0D

    I think I need anger management. :0(

  10. I am so grateful to have such wonderful, funny and smart readers. Ladies, I appreciate your empathy, anger and humor. I am almost ready to let this stupid thing go, now that I know my ladies have my back. :)

  11. Yeah, that reminds me of the time this guy in the parking lot of the grocery store cussed me out because I didn't return my cart to the cart return thingie!!! GRRR I am still mad about it!!! He dropped the F bomb right in front of my 2 sweet, innocent children. I could not believe it. I told him its because I have small kids and can't leave them alone in the car to return it all the way at the other end of the parking lot, and he said "Then teach them right and return it?" Ugh. Still. Angry.

    BTW, sorry I have been MIA on my blog...seriously, I am brain dead. I am working on it though....!!

  12. I had a similar incident recently at the doctor's office. The guy didn't like the fact that I took too long to cross the traffic lane. I'm sorry that I am handicapped and it takes time for me to walk. When I pointed this out to me he then said he was honking his horn because I should have been holding my son's hand. What does he think, a nine year old can walk safely beside his mother without holding his hand. He just kept yelling at us until I finally ended up showing him what my hand looks like with one prominent finger.

    I'm sorry this happened to you. People just don't know what it means to wait their turn any more.



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