May 10, 2011

Not Blessed Mama's Unwanted And Unsolicited Book Review: Go The F To Sleep

I decided it was time to branch out with the Not Blessed Mama empire, and expand my unsolicated product reviews to the literary world. You're welcome, all of you. I do it because I love you.
A friend recently pointed this book out to me:

Yup, that's right- Go the Fuck to Sleep. After my moment of shock, I couldn't stop snickering. Check out this glimpse from inside the book-

All the kids from day care are in dreamland.
The froggie has made his last leap. 
Hell no, you can't go to the bathroom.
You know where you can go? The fuck to sleep.

The only problem I have with this book is that I DIDN'T WRITE IT. Seriously- curse words, rhymes, adorable illustrations, babies- it's like a magical recipe for awesomeness. I am far too familiar with that feeling- it's the end of the day and you are running on empty. You wonder how in the hell your child is not passed out from exhaustion (because you are about to). You pray to the gods for that damn child (which you love with your entire being, of course), to just shut up and go to sleep. No, not a pretty thought- but not an uncommon or abnormal one either.
So, Adam Mansbach, a tip of the hat to you. I have many parent friends who I know would get a good laugh from this fine piece of literary genius.
(As would Not Blessed Mama, if this book would happen to land in her lap- and oh look, it's such a good price on Amazon too. Hmmmm.) 


  1. Do you know how many times I've had to stop myself from saying that? I am an incredibly strong-willed person. You really have no idea. . .

  2. Would you believe my kids have that book memorized already?

    Oh I know it hasn't been released yet...


  3. No, those aren't very "pretty" feelings to have as you say... but they are very real especially at the end of a veeerrry long day!

  4. hahaha...Oh the memories of my child that never slept. I'm so glad that at *6*, he finally sleeps through most nights. I'm pretty sure the author was stalking me for the past 6 1/2 years listening to my late night ramblings to get the goods for this book.

  5. Thank you ladies. I'm glad that you can share my twisted sense of humor- it's apparently not for everyone. ;)


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