May 3, 2011

And I'm Like, Eff You-oo oo-whoo-whoo-whoo

So, I have been noticing a trend lately. A trend that is ruffling my feathers and making me all crotchety-like.
This trend is......
It's the new black- bashing moms. For any and all reasons.
Are you a mom who dares to write on the internet and publish it as a blog? A- dare I say it- MOMMY BLOGGER? So trite! So cliche! How dare you be something so lowly as a mother- and a stay-at-home mom is even more worthless- and think you have the right to write. To say something, to make your voice heard. Obviously the only thing you are good for is changing diapers and doing laundry, so why don't you just head on home and shut up about it?
It's happening all to often lately. I turn on the computer and there's another article about the ridiculous things Moms are up to. Trying to post breastfeeding photos on Facebook. Receiving money or goods to review products. You know how Moms are! Wanting to be part of society. Wanting to be paid for their work or get some kind of compensation. Geeze, Moms are crazy!!!!
It's getting to be too much. I am a Mom. I am a blogger. I am a woman, a person, a member of society. I want friends- I want a community-I want my voice, and I want it to be heard. And I don't give a f@ck if you are a Mom, a Dad, a Woman or an elephant- you have that right. Take it. I'm sorry, uppity urban white hipsters ragging on other people's blogs- you do not hold the monopoly over free speech..
So here is a special song dedicated to those who have used the term mommy blogger in a derogatory manner. Pay special attention to the chorus:

Parental warning: explicit lyrics


  1. I didn't realize people did this. Is it wrong to be a mom? I blog because I used to journal and found out The Hunter reads them. So I put all my stuff here. Some people don't like my sarcasm, or if I swear or they are turned off because I am a Christian. I am many things. I could be a pissy, negative person in ever post. I am a wife, mom and grandma. So? I am thinking didn't all the haters have a mom too.?

  2. LOVE IT! Catchy song. Too catchy.

    Great. I'm gonna find myself singing it in front of the kids.


    Hey Kim.....

    Ef Yoooooooooou. ;0)

  3. middle child, i wish i had mentioned that- i was thinking it. i wish anyone who bashed on mommy bloggers would go tell their own moms that they had nothing worthwhile to say.
    thanks kidlit! lol.

  4. this line: "uppity urban white hipsters ragging on other people's blogs- you do not hold the monopoly over free speech" pretty much made my day. I have this feeling every day. Mom-bashing is out of control! If you aren't a mom, you have no damn clue what it is like so your judgment is completely out of line. But I think the worst is when moms bash other moms. You would think that we could just have each other's backs instead of trying to pit ourselves against each other. Pretty sure society would cease to exist without moms, so getting on board is just about the only option.

  5. Annie D, you are totally right. I constantly see women cut each other down. Senseless. Why can't we all just get along???

  6. Some people just stink. You can't please everyone, all you have to do is please yourself.

  7. Really? Do people really do that? They just haven't got lives, thats all. Ignore them and keep doing what you are doing. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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