March 7, 2011

Not Blessed Mama's Unwanted And Unsolicited Product Review: The KwikSip

So, if you are a regular reader (I love you, regular readers) of Not Blessed Mama, you may know I have a slight affinity for As Seen On TV products. I just love weird stuff- and of course, I just love to write about weird stuff. I'm also thinking, if I keep writing about weird stuff, eventually some company is bound to send me one of their weird products. I can dream.

The other day I saw this gem on television- The KwikSip. An invention so groundbreaking, it claims to be THE GREATEST INVENTION SINCE INDOOR PLUMBING. Quite a claim to make, no? The idea is you snap this little spigot onto your faucet to turn it into a drinking fountain.

Are. You. Kidding. Me? It only took me about 2 seconds into this commercial to realize immediately what this would turn into- a device to turn the kitchen (or bathroom) into a water park. I bet it would take the Spawn even less time to figure out how to squirt each other with this. Really, KwikSip? Don't you have any mothers working for your company? They would have given you the heads up about what a ridiculous idea this is. I thoroughly read the website to see what guarantee they offer that my Spawn will not shoot water into the nearest electrical socket, and there was none. See how high the water shoots in that last pic? No thanks. 

Please note, Not Blessed Mama does not own the KwikSip. I am simply judging it's ridiculousness based on it's commercials. To the makers of KwikSip: if you would like to send me your ridiculous product to give a fair (ridiculous) review to, drop me a line. 


  1. OMG! I sooo need this for the water fights I have with my Grandkids!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah Right. Not in my house. I'm looking for a water filter so I can quit buying bottled water, but this will not be it.


  3. LOL....I'm with you! No thanks! Wow, I don't even want to imagine the mess that would make.

  4. WOW!....People are getting desperate...not to mention LAZY! Get a friggin' glass!


    Actually, come to think of it, I used to drink out of our kitchen faucet all the time when I was little...hmm....

    No, its still a really dumb idea. Just sayin'

  5. My husband bought a contraption like this before we were married (that was over eight years ago). The only thing different was that it was TAZ. Yes, as in Warner Brother's Tazmanian Devil.

    It took me seven years to get him to give that thing up - he's forty-two for goodness sakes! Does he really need a Taz water fountain for the bathroom sink??? (Note: It was not actually attached to our sink for any period of time during our marriage, he just wouldn't let me get rid of it because it was "fun" and he "used to" use it. Men.)

    This was too funny, and I agree completely that it will not be finding a home on any faucets in my house! :)

  6. Ah hee hee ahhee ehee hee!! NO THANKS! :)

  7. You all are hilarious! Thanks for the comments. I'm always happy to not be alone in my insanity (although there was that one yay vote, I hope it was a joke!).


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