March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... And A Few Words- Better Late Than Never Edition

Not Blessed Mama does not worry too much about material things. Deep down, I am a dirty, hairy, happy hippie at heart. Well, except for my designer purses- but I only have a few. Or five.
Today Not Blessed Mama got a NEWer CAR! Now like I said, I'm not too worried about these things, but look at my shiny, beautiful car...
My Grandpa drove a hard bargain, but we were able to work it out! (Actually he didn't at all, I am grateful for the dirt cheap price he gave us. Very grateful!)

And to further explain why I am so grateful for this shiny machine, take a gander at the old Not Blessed Mama Mobile-

Don't be mad at me, dear Mazda. You got me everywhere I was going, and I thank you for that. But you were getting to the point where we were going to have to break out the duct tape, so it was time for you to go.


  1. I like the new(er) car, it's so shiny! : ) Thank you so much for commenting on my post, I really appreciate it and you're right homeschooling can be done on any budget. I think at times I'm using the budget as a safety net, I'm scared to death. I'm not the smartest person so I hope I can manage to teach my kids properly! ::sigh:: I have a year to gain some confidence and do some research! lol

  2. Yeay!!! So glad it worked out for you mama!! <3 Awesome!!!! And might I add: oooooooo. Shiny!! :0)

  3. Hey, there's nothing wrong with some duct tape!


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