March 4, 2011

Finally- My Post About Nuts

With my three crazy Spawn, I think we all knew that a post about nuts was coming. It was inevitable. There was just no stopping it.
I mean, they get their clothes so dirty! So when I saw the new Soap Nuts from Hip Mountain Mama, I knew I had to try them! (Why, what nuts did you think I was talking about???)

I have made my own detergent before. It's cheap and easy (and made me feel like a virtuous hippie), but it does take some effort. Even though it's minimal, that may be energy I am not willing to spend on laundry. Enter Soap Nuts: these funky looking little dried fruits mainly from the Himalayas.
Ok, these babies are not winning any beauty contests.  

They couldn't be more easy to use- you simply toss them in the washer in the included cotton bag, and wash your clothes! The saponin in the outer shells of the fruit naturally and gently cleans your clothes. They've been used for centuries but are just now becoming popular in the US, and I can see why. Biodegradable, organic, compostable- they're really an amazing detergent alternative.

I used my Soap Nuts in a cold wash even though a warm is recommended when using the nuts straight (wow, does that sound weird). My laundry came out smelling exactly how I like it- like nothing! I did purchase the Lavender Essential Oil to test though, and it gave the laundry a fresh, light scent. And while your laundry smells fresh, the nuts themselves smell kinda funky (you know I am enjoying writing this post!). The few drops of oil on the bag covered that up. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional detergent that you can feel good about trying, then check out these nuts! You can get a sampler bag for only $2.25 to try out, and I have used that to wash 3 loads now- all with spectacular results.

As always, the people at Hip Mountain Mama are too respectable to buy anyone's opinions, so I purchased this product and reviewed it as part of the Hip Mountain Mama Sisterhood. 


  1. That is so cool; I'd never heard of those before!

  2. I have been using soap nuts for a while. I buy them from my friends website:

  3. That's really cool...I'm going to buy some.

  4. Neat! I may try it. Thanks.

  5. They are neat. Just make sure you tie the bag tightly- a lesson I have just learned as I am finding nuts everywhere!

  6. They look like creepy bugs. But better for the environment.

  7. I thought they were bugs too!
    I'm not sure I could actually put those in my wash?


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