January 17, 2011

Not Blesssed Mama's Unwanted And Unsolicited Product Review: The Ove Glove

Last night I was having a bit of a rough night. I was a little off.  I decided (stupidly) to make Not Blessed Daddy buffalo wings to thank him for being patient while I had my crazy mom's group over. (I love you ladies, do not be bothered that I called you crazy. Readers, when N.B.Daddy walked in the door he had a crowd of rowdy ladies ready to throw dollar bills at him in exchange for some sexy dancing- he promptly ran into the bedroom, mortified and maybe even a little scared).
ANYWHO, I decided to make him real buffalo wings, deep fried and tossed in rich, buttery sauce. Which is a lot of freaking work, but I am a good wife. So I dragged out the big fryer, cleaned it, fried some wings and put a big bowl on the stove to melt some butter . I turned the burner on, as I always do, but I guess I was a bit scatterbrained. I was tired, and getting a cold. I left the bowl on too long, and when I quickly shut off the burner and poured the hot sauce in, THE BOWL EXPLODED. It didn't just crack, it shattered and pieces flew everywhere (no Mamas were harmed in the making of this post). It was wonderful. Shards and sauce dripped down below my one big burner. I picked off some pieces with the tongs, trying to spill as little of the sauce as possible. But what about the little pieces that I couldn't get to?
I have to say something awful. When my grandmother gave me the Ove Glove a few years ago for Christmas, I laughed. I thought it was another silly As-Seen-On-TV item. But I cannot tell you how many times I have used that thing! It is legitimately useful. We've used it with the BBQ, I used it with this wonky Wilton huge cupcake pan I got (that cooked everything really unevenly), and now it came into play during The Great Hot Sauce Debacle of 2011. You can even see in the photo the orange stains from the buffalo sauce. 

So Ove Glove, I salute you. You are truly a wonderful product and you have protected my fingers well on many occasions. Therefore Not Blessed Mama gives you a big thumbs up. 

I'd like to add that before I wiped up all the hot sauce, I tried to hard boil a pot of eggs on the same burner- causing the hot sauce to ignite. I mean, it was really on fire. I pulled the pot off with tongs as flames were shooting up around it and threw a wet towel on. It took a few seconds for the fire to go out, and I tossed some water on top of the towel. Very scary indeed. But the really super duper best part of this is that I put the pot of eggs onto a different burner to finish cooking, and boiled all the water out of the pot- not noticing until I heard it sizzling and hissing. I tell you, it was a rough night. 

Disclaimer: I did not receive a free Ove Glove (or anything else for that matter) to write this post, and it is really starting to get irritating. Come on companies, send me free stuff. 


  1. I'm sorry, but who told you it was ok for you to use the stove? *kisses*

  2. Oh. My. God. I am sooo offended! I did NOT throw money at him! :0( I merely suggested it. ;0p As for the "crazy" part, I resemble that remark. :0D Hope you got some sleep and nothing was too badly damaged. Well, besides the bowl. And the eggs.

  3. Somedays it pays to order take out.

  4. Hey! He started it with that text! If he didn't send that text, we would not have teased him so badly, but it was fun!

    I think I will buy that glove!

  5. I'm sold on the ove glove now too!!!

    I still can't believe that bowl blew up!

  6. I guess this just goes to show - never doubt Grandma. Um, and never let N.B.M.into your kitchen until you've checked the charge on the fire extinguisher. ;)

  7. UGH...what a mess! Sorry!

    I have the Ove Glove too......but I've never really used it or liked it. Maybe if I found right time to use it or reason.

  8. I'm happy to report that I stayed away from the stove for 2 days, and then I was able to make some macaroni and cheese last night with no problem. The curse has been lifted.

  9. LOL......Happy to hear the curse is GONE!

    You Goofball!

  10. We love the Ove Glove!!! Ours was obtained in a similar manner too. We've even used it the move burning logs around in the fire pit. Also good for cast iron skillets. :)


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