January 31, 2011

RubBits? Why Yes, Thank You

It's that time again- this month's Hip Mountain Mama product review is for a really super cute product called RubBits. They're all natural loofah sponges for the kitchen, bathroom, car, anywhere! 
Reading the label on these babies is amazing- simply by purchasing a cute lil bucket of kitchen sponges, you are ensuring that farmers in under-developed countries have a sustainable crop to help feed their families in addition to earning an income. Did you have any idea that young loofah is an edible vegetable? You learn something new every day! Loofah can be harvested several times in the growing season before the final loofahs are left on the vine to dry and be turned into these brightly colored, fun scrubbers. And Loofah-Art also provides educational support to their workers children, helping the kids to stay out of the fields and in the classroom.
And if you really needed ANOTHER reason to purchase these guys, they work really well. They are thick and sturdy, and can be used just about anywhere (I've used them on dishes, counters and the floor so far). I like having the assorted colors so my husband doesn't scrub the dishes with the sponge I used to scrape marshmallow off the floor (which he will anyway). When you're finished with the scrubbers, they're bio-degradable and compostable. While I can't guarantee that cleaning will be any more enjoyable (because we ALL know how I feel about that), Not Blessed Mama definitely gives them two thumbs up. 
As always, these words are my own and not bought or paid for in any way. Although if someone wants to buy and pay for my opinions, seriously, let me know!


  1. Oh, how awesome! Where did you find them? I sooo want a bucket now! Are the buckets plastic or metal? Probably plastic. Boo. Would be way cool if they were metal. Reusable either way. Double Awesome! Great review. ;0)

  2. It is a metal bucket! I think that's why it would make such a great gift. ;)
    Make sure you like them on FB, they have great sales!


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